YumBoss Putok Batok Restaurant Review

by Rizanoia

I always see this restaurant on my newsfeed and even watched a segment on a popular TV Show. As a crab and seafood lover it so tempting to try it as well specially it has the magic word “UNLI”. Unlimited crab, unlimited shrimp, and so many more! But wait, before you go there you must think twice. Is this seafood restaurant “worth eat”? Is it worthy of your money and time?

Since it’s a long weekend and to kill my curiosity about this restaurant I’ve finally decided to go here with my boyfriend. I also had a light meal to prepare my stomach for this battle.


YumBoss “Putok Batok” Restaurant offers Filipino cuisine that highlights unlimited meal. Unli crab, unli-shrimp, unli rice, unli drinks, and many more. From the name itself “Putok Batok” it literally offers high cholesterol food that may cause you high blood or much worse, a heart attack. The restaurant’s name sounds catchy and so real.

How to get there?

Address: 146 Sumulong Hiway, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City

  1. From Cubao, ride LRT 2 going to Santolan Station. Fare is 15 pesos.
  2. From Santolan Station, ride a jeepney going to Masinag. Fare is 10 pesos.

Option 2: Grab Car exactly going to YumBoss Putok Batok. Fare is around 100 pesos per ride.


  • In front of Antipolo Medical Hospital
  • Beside FlyngV Gas Station


  • Operating Hours: 10am to 3am, Daily
  • The cut-off for unlimited meal is until 12am only.
  • Contact Number: 09959947887, 0915215004
  • There is no need for reservation. First come, first serve basis.

They also have a branch in San Mateo Rizal named I SEA U by YumBoss Putok Batok.

  • Address: No. 125A Gen Luna St. Ampid Uno, San Mateo Rizal
  • Operating Hours: 11am to 1am


Nothing so fancy, the place is very simple with a small air-conditioned area and non-aircon outside that has is much bigger. They also have a parking area that is probably good for 8 to 10 cars.


UNLI CRAB – 599 Pesos

1st Crab Served

The first crab they served was big as expected. It looked satisfying on eyes of a seafood lover. It was also an IG-story-worthy. But how come it will be “worth eat”?

2nd Crab Served

3rd Crab Served

SWEET AND SPICY hipon WITH RICE – 169 pesos

We also ordered Sweet and Spicy Shrimp. The shrimps were not too big and it was not too crispy since the cover is wrinkled. One thing I only like was the taste of the sauce.


YumBoss Putok Batok: Is it worth eat?

  1. DO NOT EXPECT 399 PESOS WORTH OF UNLI CRAB – I paid 599 pesos, not 399 or 499 price that I’ve seen on Facebook and TV. The menu says that Unli Crab’s price depends on the season.
  2. CONFUSING TIME LIMITATION – They told me that I have 1 hour and 30 minutes limitation while the customers on the other table the staff said they only have 1 hour.
  3. NO UNLIMITED RICE – From what I know, Unli Crab is inclusive of unli rice and unli drinks. But I do not have rice on my plate. I just did not ask for rice since my boyfriend ordered Sweet and Spicy Shrimp with rice. He’s not hungry so I just get some rice from his plate.
  4. NO GLOVES – I expect that at the beginning they will be giving gloves. So I started eating the crab with my bare hands since I’m thinking of my time limit. I asked for gloves and surprisingly meron naman pala. Kalerks!
  5. NO UTENSILS TO CRACK THE CRAB – The crab is cracked at the center only. So I need to ask if they have utensils that I can used to crack the other part so I can eat its whole part. And yes they have it and also they have gloves but they didn’t served it from the start.
  6. IT’S NOT WORTH IT OR MUCH BETTER TO SAY “NOT WORTH EAT” – The quality of the meat of the crab is not as good as what I expect. The first crab was dry and tasteless, the second one was softer but still not satisfied with the taste and the last serving was soft, pinkish in color and still not so delicious.


My 599 pesos unli crab experience was “not worth eat”. I expect so much. It was so heart breaking since I’ve been craving for crab for a long time. Then with their staffs, there should be consistency on responding to customers and be more attentive to the needs of customers from the start. Check my full review in Tagalog on my Facebook Page post.

Plus, they have no review section on their two FB Pages. So think twice before going.

PS: This review is only for their branch at Mayamot Antipolo.

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