Wishing Island Travel Guide

by Rizanoia

Wishing island is located in the beautiful Island Graden City of Samal, Davao del Norte.

The island has no shore but it is still beautiful. It is surrounded by mangroves and the water was so blue and indulging. I was often puzzled why they call it the “Wishing Island” – searching the web I found some old stories about Wishing Island. Residents who live nearby the island called it “Enchanted Island”. They said, the island can only be seen during low tide and disappears during high tide.

Way back, Wishing Island used to be the favorite place to go for a picnic during the weekend and you would see a group of backpackers having a good time there and getting drunk which caused the place to become so rowdy. To their surprise one day, a storm rock them in the middle of the daylight and no one was able to leave the island and so they all drowned in the water. It was said that when you were on the Wishing Island, silence should be observed and you must leave immediately when high tide comes.

This is scary, isn’t it? The stories might be true or not but be very careful when you hop at Wishing Island. These days no one stays till night there, it’s obviously not so safe.

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