How To Edit Instagram Photos Like A Travel Blogger

by Rizanoia

Wandering how to edit Instagram photos like a blogger? Want to know how they achieve their cohesive Instagram feed? You’re not alone, because I as well are very eager to know their secrets. So I asked 10 users with attractive Instagram feed to share how they achieve it.

10 Top Travel Instagram Influencers and Tips on How They Edit Their Photos

1. @aworldtotravel

Travel + Lifestyle + Photography + Outdoors + Festivals + Flashpacking


How aworldtotravel edit their photos?

Photo Editing Apps: Snapseed, sometimes VSCO
Filter: More times than not, none. Sometimes Lark or other.

– Exposure: +20
– Contrast: +10
– Sharpen: +20
– Structure: +15
– Saturation: +5
– Warmth: +5

2. @pointandshootwanderlust

Filipina foodie with a gypsy soul. Currently an expat in MiddleEast.


How pointandshootwanderlust edit her photos?

IG Feed/Theme: Threes. Every three photos are in the same “theme”
Apps you are using: VSCO/Snapseed
Filter: S series

How you edit:
There is no specific settings or set numbers. But I usually use S series then modify the picture from there depending on how it looks after the filter application. If I can’t achieve the look I want by VSCO alone, I use Snapseed first and touch up on the Ambiance, then use Brush tool plus fix the details.

3. @wanderlustaussies

Our Instagram and blog are one from the perspective of two Australian professionals with a mission to travel the world, explore unique places and share them with our audience. We have a passion for photography and local culture and always try and represent authentic local experiences in our social media and blog.



How wanderlustaussies edit their photos?

The editing of our photos depends on the style of the photo we take. For us, we enjoy taking landscape photography of iconic regional landmarks, local landmarks and represent them using our own style of photography. We love taking long exposures (both night and day) and have a new obsession with HDR.

INSTAGRAM FEED: We edit photos more so with how we feel it would best represent the location rather than worrying about it matching our feed. We like each image to be a unique representation and for this, our feed isn’t your standard 3 tone palette.

An example of how we tend to edit many of our photos is through Snapseed. Most of the time it is an iterative process where we go up and down between each filter option.

Brightness (either up or down depending on exposure)
Contrast (we rarely edit)
Saturation ( Depends on the photo, maybe increase by 10%)
Ambiance ( we are suckers for ambiance, 50% sometimes to really give the photo a pop)
Highlights ( We like reducing highlights maybe 25-40% to get rid of overexposed spots)
Shadows (increase shadows by 25-40%, reduces black spots but the clarity isn’t great when blown up)
Warmth (picture and tone dependant but never more than 10% either way)
Structure (+10-30% depending on the photo )

Keep in mind when using apps like snapseed you are editing JPEGs and the image quality will suffer for it, on Instagram this isn’t a worry but when using such photos on our blog or print it is best to edit with RAW images through programs like Lightroom or Photoshop.

4. @traveltextbook

My name is Lucy and I am the Australian medical student behind the student travel blog: Travel Textbook. With an insatiable thirst for adventure, there is no corner of the Earth I am not excited to explore. When I am back home studying I love to compile information and story-tell to help other young travellers get out and see the world around us.



How traveltextbook edit her photos?

IG Feed/Theme: bright, colourful travel with a mixture of landscapes and personal photos
Apps you are using: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app, and Instagram in-app

Filter: create my own depending on the photo, with a few consistent features


exposure +1.00
contrast +12
dehaze +6
highlights -60
shadows +40
blacks + 20
warmth +3
vibrance +6
clarity +20


brightness +7
structure +30
warmth +15
highlights -30
shadows +30

5. @katherineslife

Katherine is a 19 year old girl who found her passion for travelling and photography during her gap-year. Together with her boyfriend (@thebelgianwanderer) they are aiming to showcase the beauty our world has to offer.



How katherineslife edit her photos?

IG Feed/Theme: Travel/Lifestyle
Apps you are using: Lightroom, VSCO

How I edit:
– First, the picture gets edited in Lightroom – always different settings depending on the picture.
– VSCO C1 (+3)
– Exposure (+1)
– Contrast (+0.5)
– Sharpen (+8)
– Clarity (+1.5)

6. @europeanfairytaleofagirl

An Indian girl, currently living in Germany, trying to fulfill her desire to travel and do research at the same time. She’s a vegetarian Flashpacker who hopes to inspire many people to travel and follow their passion.


How europeanfairytaleofagirl edit her photos?

IG Feed/Theme: Colourful Travels

Apps: Snapseed

Filter: No filter I do not use any filter but sometimes I like HDR setting in Snapseed.

How I edit depends on the picture but usually try the following settings:
– Exposure (+2)
– Contrast (+5)
– Sharpen (+1)
– Tint (+2)
– Saturation (+5)

7. @usxworld

Portuguese couple living abroad since 2013. They got engaged in Paris, married in Lisbon, lived 2 years in Dubai and then moved to New York City. They’ve traveled more than 25 countries. This year they got rid of (almost) everything they owned to go on a 6 month trip through Asia and Europe. They write about travel, food and lifestyle while exploring the world.



How usxworld edit their photos?

Editing App: Adobe Lightroom
We don’t use any filters on Instagram. We shoot raw with a DSLR and then edit from scratch on Lightroom. One good tip would be to download a few Lightroom presets and then pick one or two as a base. This is a good way of keeping the Instagram feed with a consistent theme.

8. @gamintraveler

Ruben and Rachel are travel couple traveling the world writing about business, being a digital nomad, holiday destinations, long-term travel and relationships.



How gamintraveler edit their photos?

IG Feed/Theme: @gamintraveler – nature colors, blues and greens, however, warmer tones rather than cooler
Apps you are using: VSCO Cam, Snapseed (for further editing – if necessary), Skrwt (super helpful if you need to Skew images. Amazing app)

Filter: VSCO Chromatic Series, usually from C7,C8 and C9

We usually choose from this family of filters “VSCO Chromatic Series, usually from C7,C8 and C9” then edit photos individually.
VSCO Cam C7 (Raw Image)
– Exposure +0.5
– Contrast -3.5
– Clarity +2.7
– Saturation +2.6
– Highlights +1.0
– Shadow +.9
– Temperature -0.4
– Skin tone +6.0
Grain – +.9
Fade 1.6

For us, we use the same filters to create “almost” the same feel, however, we still need to go to individual images, to further edit, especially for Instagram. So the main filter comes from one family or style, then we still have to edit smaller details since every photo is different.

There are times you can get caught up about having the same feed, but if there’s an element of one photo that we want to emphasize more, we let go of the “thematic” thinking. We don’t have a super duper cohesive tone anyway, so keeping it dynamic is okay.

Just always think about your strength. Others are really good about photography, and others in editing, while others do best with their stories in captions. If you play by your rules, you’ll create your own style, and people will love your work for it.

9. @arjunajosefina

Juna is a forensic psychologist from The Netherlands. Travelling and photography are her biggest passions and seize every opportunity to go abroad and be inspired by this beautiful world we live in. She loves taking colorful pictures and loves interacting with locals through taking pictures of them. She sees photography as a way of telling a visual story and she loves sharing stories through her Instagram account.


How arjunajosefina edit their photos?

IG Feed/Theme: colorful, bright travel pictures

Apps you are using: snapseed, Instagram

Filter: I don’t use filters

I don’t use the same settings in every picture but change depending on what I think the picture needs. In snapseed I often times increase brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience and structure. With the brush and the selective-tool, I sometimes edit local brightness or saturation and I will use healing if there’s, for example, a branch of a tree that I’d like to get rid off. Selective is a great tool to highlight a certain aspect of the picture and make sure your viewers are pointed towards this element. I will always use rotate, if needed, to make sure my horizon is straight.

After I’m finished with the picture in snapseed, I save it and open it in Instagram. The first thing I will do here is tap on Lux and adjust this, often times I just stick with the automatic +50. If I want to make the colors pop more, I will open the color-section under edit and choose highlights. I love pink tones in my pictures, so will play around with the pink highlights to see what fits. Often times I will go with around +30. And then I’m done!

I think it’s best to just play around with the limitless possibilities that these apps are offering us these days and find out what fits your style best. Don’t be afraid to try something different! I love editing because it can enhance the visual story that you’re trying to tell 🙂

10. @tekwani

She’s a Utah based travel photographer that’s always in search of the most colorful adventures. I work full-time with a career in corporate social media and travel as much as I can (whether near or far) as a part-time travel photographer.

How tekwani edit her photos?

IG Feed/theme: bright, colorful
Apps: A Color story is my primary editing app. On occasion, I’ll use VSCO or Lightroom Mobile to make minor tweaks/edits.
When using a color story, my primary filters of choice are Jelly Bean in the Candy Minimal pack. I apply it and reduce it to anywhere between 5% and 30%, otherwise, I find the saturation is too strong. After that, I typically bump up the exposure. If using VSCO, I typically edit with one of the filters from the A, C, or E packs.

Example edit (a color story):
Filter: Jelly Bean 27%
Tool: Bright 22%
Tool: Temp 12%


Who’s Instagram feed among the 10 travelers you want to achieve?

For more tutorial, check Best VSCO Filters.


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Glad to be among such a wonderful group of travel bloggers. Thanks for the feature!


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