Where to Eat in Makati: Tomochan Ramen Express

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Tomochan Ramen Express is here for some time and the food lovers found out that inexpensive ramen is present in the center of Makati to suppress their hunger pangs. Situated at Ayala Avenue Patios, Tomochan Ramen Express is an original Japanese restaurant where our comfort food Ramen can probably be eaten every single day without being out of budget, and without compromising the taste and quality. The founder’s motto is “Daily Ramen” for every Filipino.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Nobody has imaged that economical yet tasty ramen is hiding above the busy crowds of Makati.


Restaurant’s name Tomochan is derived from two words: Tomo and Chan. Tomo is a short form of word “Tomodachi” which means “Friend”, while “Chan” is a term used for little kids, female family members, or close beloved relatives. So, the restaurant’s name itself connotes the true bond of friendship full of loyalty, love, and devotion.

The Tomochan was founded by a Japanese industrialist named Akiko Okamoto. She imagines Tomochan to be the chief supplier of inexpensive ramen in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Tomochan’s first branch was launched in July 2017, in Angeles City, Pampanga. In no time, the restaurant expanded its 5 branches in the city. The good quality of work will result in opening more branches soon.


The restaurant’s main menu is centered on Ramen. The two main categories are Miso and Shoyu.

The food ingredients are already prepared and then reheated when customers order something specific. It causes less waiting time and instant eating of your favorite food. All the ingredients are obtained locally which clarifies the economical rates of Ramen.

Respecting the custom of pasalubong, the restaurant allows takeaways. They just pack noodles and broth separately to keep the stability of the Ramen.

Let’s check the different food categories served at Tomochan Ramen Express.


Shoyu Basic
Shoyu Basic is served with 2 slices of pork, half egg, and leek.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Shoyu Basic | 99 PHP

Shoyu Special
Pure brown broth prepared essentially with soy sauce and pork soup. Additionally, it is topped with four pieces of chashu pork, leek, seaweed, veggies, and a whole egg.

You would love the plentiful portion of noodles and meat. The best thing about Tomochan is that it serves the full egg, however, many expensive restaurants usually serve half of it.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Shoyu Special | 149 PHP

Spicy Shoyu Tantan
Spicy Shoyu Tantan is served with spicy ground pork, half egg, veggies, and leek.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Spicy Shoyu Tantan | 129 PHP

Sumo Ramen
A Sumon Ramen Bowl that is good for sharing upto 5 persons.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Sumo Ramen | 599 – 699 PHP

The rice meals are available as well. The options are Pork, Chicken, and Gyoza to pick from.

Gyoza with Rice and Cabbage
The pork slices are tender from the top and crispy on the bottom served with cabbage and sauce. As compared to Katsu, Gyoza has a touch of sourness in it but it tastes good.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Gyoza with Rice and Cabbage | 79 PHP

Sauce Katsudon
A rice bowl with breaded pork, cabbage, rice with original sauce. You will find your Katsu fried and tender along with fried slices of pork for an additional crunch. The dip and cabbage are also available with the dish. You can add the sauce for sweet and salty taste.

Tomochan Ramen Express

Sauce Katsudon | 99 PHP


Tomochan Ramen Express

Tomochan Ramen Express Menu


I found nothing special with the noodles. I was also expecting for the spicy shoyu tantan but the spiciness wasn’t that strong to my taste. Hence, if you’re looking for quick and affordable Japanese food then Tomochan Ramen Express is an ideal place to visit. After coming to Tomochan, you will feel like you have found your place for a quick ramen lunch every day.


Food Odyssey, 11th Floor, LKG Tower, Makati City

Food Choice, Level 2, Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Lower Ground, New Point Mall, Angeles City

Fiesta Market, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Food Choices, Second Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Quezon City

514, Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila

W MALL Macapagal
19 Coral Way, Pasay, Metro Manila

Tomochan Ramen Express

0917 631 0862

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