The Seashore Beach Club: Exclusive Getaway in Batangas

by Rizanoia

For explorers who seek refreshment and relaxation, The Seashore Beach Club provides energizing resort experiences and approachable services that you will surely love. Try to enjoy the maximum of it as I share the spectacular sceneries and stunning services of The Seashore Beach Club.

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The membership resort offers a premium membership that you have to take to experience fabulous services at the club. Only those having a membership can use it or you can borrow the membership card from existing owners and explore the resort. Being so, you will not enjoy the complete experience as the original owner. You will be able to enter freely, but for resort services, you need to pay a regular fee.


The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club started developing the resort on June 16, 2016.

The Project was started by the President of the club, Mr. Arnel Mindanao, an experienced marketing person having more than 20 years’ experience in trading various real estate projects in the local and international marketers.

The club is a part of Philippines tropical destination, especially beach lines perfect for water sport activities.

The term “The Seashore” is to motivate members in taking benefit of the natural resources we have in our country. The resort is constructed to avail the advantaged of tropical weather specifically in summer seasons.


The resort has plenty of the following facilities that will make your stay memorable.

Water Sports Activities

  • Banana Boat
  • Pedal Boat
  • Fly Fish
  • Jet Ski
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayak
  • Hover Board
  • Paddle Board
  • Fly Board

Clubhouse and Pool

There is an American-inspired clubhouse to enjoy the stay at the resort.

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

Along with enjoyable activities, the resort offers security services such as full coverage of CCTV cameras. These cameras record all the activities within the club for security purposes.

The facility of Wi-Fi is also available in the club. Not only you can enjoy your stay but also feed your social media with breathtaking colorful images of the club.

Emergency power, along with its back-up generator is also available to ensure non-stop enjoyable experience at the club.

Near poolside, there are life-saver experts who will help in case of any water emergencies.

The entry gate is also duly landscaped and guarded.

You can enjoy unique courtyard systems and well-maintained sloping grounds, facilities, and other features that are exclusive in development.

The restore is surrounded by an electric perimeter fence for your security and safety.

Finally, there is so much to cherish in The Seashore Beach Club. You can enjoy a stress-free life at the club.


The Seashore Beach Club offers lifetime membership and members only can enjoy all the following facilities in there.

  • The members can enjoy a free stay of two days and one night per year.
  • If members want to extend this free accommodation experience, they will be charged regularly at a 50% discount for the remaining stay.
  • A maximum stay on 50% discount is for a week. After that, the members will be charged the regular fee.
  • With one membership card, you will be able to access and use the services of all the seashore resort locations with the same advantages.
  • The beach club members will receive a 20% commission for any referrals.
  • The 30% of annual net income of The Seashore Beach club will be divided in all the members.
  • The membership is saleable and lifetime. One can also inherit it after the approval of the management of the resort.
  • The members get 10-25 % discounts from the accommodation, restaurants, spa, water sport activities, souvenir boutique, resort bar, and sports facilities.
  • Members will be provided with a Username & Password to log in and monitor their incomes and transaction 24/7. An ATM will also be given to each member.
  • The 20% incentive will be released within three days after the checkout of referred guests.
  • The members have the privilege of getting huge and unlimited profit sharing.

On-going projects/construction

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

Currently, The Seashore Beach Club has three chief attractions functioning and open for everyone who wishes to have a break, trip or simply rest for a day. These attractions are Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure, Smart Sky Travel and 3rd Island Cove.

There are many projects of the club that are under construction. Currently, they are planning to build 104 new rooms, 4 different swimming pools, main and mini Clubhouses, and a restaurant.


The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure is the newest attraction of The Seashore Beach Club. It’s a huge inflatable water park playground that you and your family will surely enjoy. It has two giant slides, Trampoline that certainly brings out the playful side of you. It has thrilling experiments and obstacle challenges to try. I personally tried all the obstacle and my favorite is this 2 giant slides with 40 feet high.

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

Each obstacle is full of excitement and a new adventure. You should try it for sure.

> P500 – Use of Inflatable Adventure Park only
> P888 – Use of Inflatable Adventure Park with use of kayak, pool and with lunch
> P1488 – Unlimited use of Inflatable Park with use of Kayak, Pool and with Lunch


3rd Island Cove is a weekend destination near the club. The entire place is surrounded by nature. Below the blue clouds are the inspiring beauty and magnificent fine white sand beach of 3rd Island Cove.


The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

Chopper ride is free to avail if you already signed up and a member of the club. If not, then you will have to pay for it. The ride is an exclusive tour around San Juan.


I and Brye had mixed emotions because we are going to ride a helicopter for the first time. It was not just a simple ride, but an exciting ride from Pasay to Batangas! Before entering the helicopter, the pilot gave us a short orientation. And when all of us were in a good position and the helicopter started to take off, my heart beats in joy and excitement.

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The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas


Our team Jeepsetters PH revisited The Seashore Beach Beach Club and joined their 3rd Anniversary celebration. As a part of their anniversary is the launching of their cabanas with a pool in between.

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The program started with a prayer and followed by welcome and opening remarks by the owner Mr. Arnel Mindanao. He shared how The Seashore Beach Club started a few years back. After the talk, we headed to the Club House for the ribbon cutting.

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

You should also watch out for the upcoming new series of aqua play challenge this July 2019, they named it Philippine Ninja Warriors.

Of course, the celebration won’t be completed without delicious food. Everyone enjoyed their lunch while sharing stories and plans afterward. Half of the Jeepsetters PH remained in TSBC and enjoyed the inflatable park and pools while the other half went to El Jardin De Zaida.


Since I already tried the Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure on our first visit, Ms. Donna brought us in El Jardin De Zaida. El Jardin is their partner when it comes to events such as weddings, birthday, etc. For inquiries, please contact the numbers posted at the end of this article.

El Jardin De Zaida Batangas

El Jardin De Zaida Batangas

El Jardin De Zaida Batangas

El Jardin De Zaida Batangas

El Jardin De Zaida Batangas


Address: Calubcub, San Juan, Batangas
1. From Manila, take South Luzon Expressway until the very end where it connects to Star Tollway, enter Star Tollway. Exit at Ibaan/San Jose. Right after paying at the tollgate, follow the sign to Ibaan (turn left).
2. When you see the sign “alternate route to Lipa”, turn left into that narrow road. At the end of that short narrow road, turn right. You will see Petron gas station on your left and a yellow outpost. Turn left on that corner of Petron and the outpost.
3. Keep going through Rosario and on to San Juan (don’t enter Batangas Race Circuit) until you see the San Juan Municipio. Turn right at that corner. You will see many resort signs. This is the road to Laiya.

The Seashore Beach Club, Inc.
San Juan Office: 09975305203 / 09292204821
Alabang Office: 09562384632 / 09292204783


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