Talikud Island Travel Guide

by Rizanoia

Located in the middle of Davao Gulf, Samal, better known as the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), is one of the most visited destinations by local and foreign visitors due to its pleasant and immaculate white beaches scattered in various towns, including the beaches in Talikud. Just around 45 to 60 minutes travel time on a ferry from Davao City, this island is the home of beautiful beaches frequented by vacationers and backpackers for both enjoyment of sunrise and leisure.

Talikud Island Travel Guide

Below are the charming beaches to explore in Talikud Island:


Perfect for a getaway, this beach also has crystal blue waters and offers activities that are likewise great for team building and bonding. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, playing volleyball and exploring nature.

Talikud Island Travel Guide

Our passenger boat departed at Santa Ana Wharf in Davao and dropped us at the Sta. Cruz Wharf. Just 5-10 minutes walk you can reach Isla Reta, but since we were in a hurry we decided to ride a habal-habal. The oceanfront of Isla Reta is best known on the island as the lengthiest seaside which is very fascinating to me. Another remarkable thing about the beautiful island of Isla Reta is the pure white sand. It was breathtaking indeed.

Talikud Island Travel Guide

Talikud Island Travel Guide

We spent the afternoon by simply appreciating the natural surroundings of its beautiful seashore.


Entrance Fee: 100 PHP
What to do:
 snorkeling, helmet diving, swim
Day Tour Swimming Time: 6am-5pm
Activity Rate:
 Helmet Diving – 400 PHP/20 minutes

Talikud Island Travel Guide

Talikud Island Travel Guide


If you just want to enjoy a secluded vacation to be with your loved ones or just get away from the bustling city, visit this isolated island for a day of relaxation.

In this part of Talicud lsland, you will find a touch of Eden in this resort – Dayang Beach. If you plan on spending the night, you will find attractive native cabins in a neat and polished setup.


Babu Santa beach is very close to Dayang beach resort. You must first know that Babu Santa beach only offers their hut out during the day, does not allow all-night stay and entrance is FREE. Island hoppers on boat tour stop off here every time because Babu Santa Beach is their first choice.

This immaculate white beach can be likened to the beaches of Boracay and Puka. The waves here are enormous and relaxing.


For a more luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable vacation in one of the resorts in Talikud, book with this resort, a Bali inspired world-class destination in Samal. Amenities and facilities include air-conditioned cottages, a function room, Villas, WiFi connection, a pavilion, among others.

Talicud Island has another one of a kind sights further to the seashores cited above. There are Coral Garden and Angel’s Cove, located west of Talikud Island. The natives call Coral garden “Linosutan”, a reliable saltwater sanctuary for all divers (experts or amateurs). You will also find Isla Cristina in the south. Although it is not an island, it best recognized for its diverse gigantic sea star and gorgeous aquamarine waters.


Here’s how to get to Talikud Island from Davao Airport? 
1. Ride a taxi (parked outside the airport) and tell the driver to drop you off at Sta. Ana Wharf. Travel time is 20 minutes and the taxi fare is around 190 PHP.
***Please take note that before entering the gate of Sta. Ana Wharf, you need to pay 5 PHP each for an environmental fee for Monfort Bat Sanctuary.
2. At Sta. Ana Wharf, take a boat heading to Isla Reta or Sta. Cruz Wharf. Travel time is almost an hour and the boat fee is at 70 PHP for Davao-Kaputian-Talikud route.
3. From Sta. Cruz Wharf, ride a habal-habal (10 PHP) and drop off at Isla Reta. It is also walkable for 5 minutes.


There are other white sand beach and attractions near Talikud Island. Just for 15 minutes boat ride, you can reach Kaputian Beach and other tourist spots in Samal Island. For our first night, we stayed at La Vida Orchard. And to know what we did during our 3 days and 2 nights, just check my Samal Island travel guide with itinerary and budget breakdown.


Ellen Bernardino March 13, 2019 - 1:05 pm

I haven’t been to any beaches in Davao and Talikud Island seems nice to visit. Will keep this post in mind when we plan a beach get away in Davao soon.

Rizanoia March 17, 2019 - 10:01 pm

Hi Ellen! Davao is rich in beautiful beaches. Will definitely go back! I am also looking forward to your visit!


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