Beauty Solutions: Get Softer Hair While Traveling

by Rizanoia

Have you always felt like no matter what shampoo you use, your hair still stays as straw-like, frizzy, coarse strands? Have you ever experienced your hair suddenly looking healthy and smooth after coming home from a vacation?

If yes, then the answer to your hair problem isn’t exactly with your shampoo. This hair-pulling experience may be traced back to the hard water you use at home, and that sudden hair transformation after your vacation can be traced back with soft water used by your hotel or whatever accommodation you’ve stayed at.

If you’re interested to learn more, stick around as we share with you how this hard and soft water stuff affects our hair, and how you can still maintain or achieve a healthy mane even when you’re away from home and enjoying the holiday of the year!

Get Softer Hair Using Soft Water

Let’s start off by further explaining how hard water turns your hair lifeless, and how soft water can reverse this effect.

How does soft water help you achieve softer and healthier hair?

Hard water isn’t dangerous to our health, but it can do damage to our skin, particularly on our hair. 

Your shampoo or soap doesn’t lather well with the minerals from the hard water. Instead, it leaves some sort of curd on your skin, leaving your pores clogged. With the lack of suds, you end up using more shampoo/soap to create more lather.

Because the residue left by your shampoo feels stickier, your tendency is to wash your hair more with hard water. But the more you use hard water to your hair, the less moisture enters your hair strands. That’s why you end up with dry, frizzy hair, even when you use a topnotch shampoo brand.

Also, the more damaged your hair is, the more minerals will stick to it. The more minerals there are in your hair, the less effective your shampoo would be.

One way to reverse this dilemma and achieve smooth, silky, and healthy hair for a long term is to use soft water instead, which is hard water treated with resin to remove the minerals. 

Because it contains fewer minerals, your shampoo creates more lather to your hair, and you use less water for rinsing because the lather isn’t sticky and stubborn. It helps maintain a safe pH level for your hair too, helping you achieve a smooth and silky hair after every rinse. 

Therefore, more moisture and other nutritive properties of your shampoo can penetrate to your hair scalp and give you that volumized healthy hair you desire!

Soft water’s also good if you want to preserve your hair color. Because there are little to no minerals that can deposit on your scalp, your hair color won’t suffer from going stale or changing into a brassy tone. You’ll also rinse with less water, which is also good to keep your color from fading.

The little mineral content of soft water can also help those with dry skin and other skin conditions like eczema.

How do you soften hard water while you’re on travel?

Get Softer Hair Using Soft Water
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Some accommodations and resorts implement soft water treatments in their facilities, which is why you feel like your hair had a short-term transformation after coming home from a trip. 

But if you aren’t sure if your chosen hotel, lodging, or resort implement this kind of treatment, you can always bring a portable water softener. 

These are the lightweight mobile versions of water softener treatment systems that use table salt to filter out the minerals in the water. 

Some portable water softener also comes with purification mechanics too, so you can enjoy safe, purified water while on-the-go.

There are different portable water softener models available in the market. To choose which model fits your traveling needs, check out Home Fascination!

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