Siargao Surf Spots

by Rizanoia

Surfing is one of the oldest extreme sports that man has enjoyed. It traces its roots back to the pacific islands where this was considered a sacred ritual that only the bravest get to enjoy. Today, it has grown in popularity and has gained quite a following making it truly a global phenomenon. 

It has also reached the shores of Siargao, a picturesque tropical island known worldwide for its amazing swells and challenging waves that surfers of all skill levels come to love. If you are eager to get the taste of what Siargao has to offer, here are a few surf spots to enjoy on this beautiful island.

Learning to Surf

If you are a total beginner to surfing and eager to get into the sport, Siargao is one of the best places to learn how to ride waves. There are plenty of surf spots that are beginner-friendly and many local surfing schools have competent surfing instructors ready to help. Here are the top places a beginner should go to start their surfing journey.

Jacking Horse

This surf spot is the cradle of would-be surfers in all of Siargao. Jacking Horse got its name from the way the waves “jack up” like a horse. This break is the perfect spot for beginners still learning the basics of keeping their balance while standing up. The waves are gentle enough that they aren’t scary yet challenging enough for beginners to actually get the basics down. Located near Cloud 9 making this little nook quite accessible too.


Another nearby spot from Cloud 9, this is a perfect transition spot for beginners that are starting to get the hang of surfing. The waves are manageable near the beach but gets more challenging the further away. This gives surfers the flexibility to tweak the difficulty level as they get more and more experience on the board. During the monsoon seasons, the waves do become quite extra challenging but it is still a perfect surf spot to try all year round.

Ready for a Real Challenge

So you’ve got the basics pretty much down pat and you are looking for something to test your newfound skills. Here are a few intermediate level surf spots to try out on the island.

Daku Island and Reef

Is a perfect way to learn to ride trickier waves. During peak season, the waves get a little bit rough which can be quite scary for some so keep this in mind. This spot is also a perfect introduction to reef surfing a great skill to have especially for those just starting out. The waves can get a little far out so a little elbow grease is needed.


This one’s quite far from the other spots but is still a very good place to surf. Located an hour and a half from General Luna via boat ride, only a handful of people ever visit the place. If you are lucky, you can even have the place all to yourself and you don’t have to deal with any crowd. Just like Daku, this is also a great place to practice your reef surfing skills.


This is another great transition surf spot for learners trying to earn more experience points doing intermediate waves. The swells are quite tricky and will need a considerable amount of adjustment. But once you get the hang of it, the waves are pretty fun to ride and will surely improve your mastery on the board.


Finally, the rather uniquely named surf spot that should be on any intermediate rider’s bucket list. This popular surf spot just a short 15-walk from General Luna is named because it is quite near General Luna Cemetery. If this doesn’t put you off, surfing here lets you enjoy amazing swells almost all year round. Plus, surfing gnarly waves right next to a cemetery is one heck of a story to tell.

Getting into the Big Leagues

Siargao is one of the world’s top destinations for the advanced and pro-level surfers out there. This tiny island has one of the gnarliest waves which attracts thousands of enthusiasts worldwide to test their mettle on the board. Because of this, the island has also been host to countless international competitions and even major sporting events like the recent Southeast Asian Games. Here are the best places to catch some sick waves in the Island.

Tauson Point

This is absolutely perfect for advanced surfers who want to improve on their skills or prepare for an upcoming competition. The break is very accessible, only a short walk from the main road. Pro surfers will feel right at home assuming of course that they can handle the crazy left-hand barrels. One thing to note though is that it is particularly rocky so surf only when you are confident in your skills. 

Cloud 9

Siargao Cloud 9

This is perhaps the very first thing that comes to mind when hearing Siargao. This iconic Siargao surf spot is known worldwide for its challenging waves that pro surfers love. Here, expert surfers both foreign and local come to test their skills on its tough right-hand waves. But due to its popularity, expect to see a large crowd⁠—especially during the peak seasons⁠—all trying to get a taste of what it can offer. If you are done surfing or just want to hang out and relax for a bit, the iconic wooden tower is a great place to catch a beautiful sunset view.

Other Unique Things to Try on the Island

Aside from surfing, there are other amazing board sports to try in Siargao. Whether on land or on water, there is surely something unique for everyone to try. 


This action sport is a unique blend of wakeboarding, parasailing, and surfing all combined into this adrenaline-pumping activity. The calm waters of General Luna are the perfect place for the sport and many kitesurfing schools have set up shop in the area. 

Standup Paddle Boarding

Another unique recreational activity that is a cross between surfing and kayaking. Standup paddle boarding is popular among beachgoers in Siargao that want to enjoy board sports but in a laid back more relaxed way. You can even try paddle boarding with your dog!

Skateboarding and Longboarding

If you want to try a board sport on dryland then try skateboarding or longboarding on the island. The island’s skate scene is quite big with many enthusiasts coming over from around the world. There are even dedicated skateparks for visitors to try out.


Siargao Island is truly a paradise for surf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Amazing waves, quaint island vibes, and warm locals would make you want to stay in this little Philippine island.

To know more about the island such as how to get there, itinerary, tourist spots, where to stay, tour package, and many more, just continue reading on Siargao Island Travel Guide.

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