Passenger Seat, Marikina: Airplane-Themed Restaurant to Visit For Your Next Food Trip!

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Instagram worthy, good food and travel feels, 3 in 1 place! Ready your camera phone and tummy because Passenger Seat will intensify your love both for food and travel! So fasten your seat belt and I will guide you how to go there as well as tour you inside.

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Marikina is home to a wide cluster of restaurants and various food parks. Indeed, even without having any place in mind, you will undoubtedly discover a restaurant that would fulfill your craving just by essentially heading straight to Lilac road. But if what you’re after is a combination of food and photos, then the Passenger Seat themed restaurant in Marikina is worth a visit.

About Passenger Seat

The short story behind the theme of the restaurant is that the owner Mariae Franco Habijan used to be a flight attended. She was unable to pass the qualifications because of her height so the owner resorted to handling the family business which includes owning tourist buses. This is where Passenger Seat concept started.

Passenger Seat is an airplane-themed restaurant in Marikina City. They started in Aquilina St., Marikina City on September 23, 2017 and they transferred to Riverbanks Center also within Marikina on December 30, 2018. Their new location is more accessible to customers looking for a unique dining experience after shopping.

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Upon entering the Passenger Seat, you will end up finding yourself staring at the beautiful interiors because everything is structured like you’re inside a plane. The seats are formed like the cushion seats in a first-class jet.

The ambiance of this place makes you want to travel because you will feel like you’re inside an airplane. Everything from their seats, menu, and decorations draws out the craving for something new in you.

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Passenger Seat offers a budget-friendly Filipino and non-Filipino dishes. Their menu is named after the well-known tourist destinations in the Philippines like Cebu, Davao and so on. They likewise have in their menu, non-Filipino dishes named after the prominent cities in the world like Paris, California and so on.

They offering a wide variety of choices that are good for single, for a family and group of friends. The price starts at 155 pesos above. Aside from the affordability, the food was amazing! To name a few best sellers, they recommend CEBU which is grilled liempo, not just ordinary liempo but for it is marinade with their secret recipe.

Some of the popular food include Boodle Fight meals like “Pilipinas” which is composed of Chicken Inasal, Grilled Liempo, Lechon Kawali, Daing na Bangus, Grilled Stuffed Squid, Buttered Shrimp, Sinigang sa Miso, Sizzling Pork Sisig, Red Eggs, Okra, Eggplant, Ensalada, Rice and a Pitcher of Iced Tea. They also have an ice cream sandwich called Uncle D’s which is a popular dessert in Singapore.

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Pilipinas Boodle Fight | PHP 1499

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Tagaytay Bulalo | PHP 350

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Zambales Sinigang sa Miso | PHP 235

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Shake | PHP 125

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Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich | PHP 75

No need to wait for a seat sale to taste the ice cream sandwich of Singapore because they also have it! Try the sweetest treat of Uncle D’s Ice Cream Sandwich by Passenger Seat. Price starts at 75 pesos.

Their ice cream sandwich is unique. Rather than cookies, they use wafers which generally adds up to the rich goodness of the dessert. It’s a mix of milkshake and ice cream or coffee and milk. Its fruity and creamy goodness is undeniable. All the flavors are yummy and you also get to fill your stomach with really good food.


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I literally love and recommend this place! It’s not only Instagram-worthy but also tummy worthy! It didn’t disappoint me and Brye to commute from Makati to Marikina. We got what we paid for. The place is picture perfect, food tastes really good and the price is very affordable.

Overall, they have good service and really accommodating staff. If you love to travel as much as you love food, then the new-sprung Passenger Seat Marikina has to be your next stop. Its interiors and food choices will bring you places!


  • Bring your family and companions since they offer group meals.
  • Get your cameras since they have a mini corner with an Eiffel Tower setting complete with props, for example, caps and a suitcase that is ideal for your pictorials.
  • Their ice cream sandwich which is well known in Singapore is a must to try.
  • On the off chance that you have never encounter riding a plane, this is an ideal place for you.
  • It’s always best to message the Passenger Seat Facebook Page for a copy of their updated menu. It won’t be a hassle because they’re very responsive.
  • Be patient if ever there are a lot of people visiting the place. If you will order a boodle fight expect it to be served for 30 minutes or more. But don’t worry the long wait will be worth it! Promise!

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Address: E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center, Marikina
Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Contact Number: 0917 837 3695

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