Noriter Cafe Manila: The Playground

by Rizanoia

There are multiple unique spaces within the city of Manila, but none of them are as quirky as the Café Noriter.  This café is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, hang out with friends and family, study for an upcoming exam, or create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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As soon as people walk in the door, they are greeted by popular Korean music playing in the background.  The music offers a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, which is excellent for anything that guests need to accomplish when they are inside the café.

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While there are plenty of seats for guests, there are also open places where everyone can sit on the floor or simply lay down to take a nap.  There are even two-story sitting areas, which gives everyone even more open spaces to choose from. Many of the seats, whether in chairs or out of chairs, are near windows, which gives everyone a spectacular view of the outside.

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Every diner is welcome to add their own personal touch to the walls and the tables within Café Noriter.  There are drawings and names everywhere and they all serve as little memories of those who have spent time there in the past.  One of the other unique spaces is the bulletin board that is full of photographs of different destinations around the world. This board has encouraged numerous guests to create their own bucket list of places that they must see sooner than later.

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While the quirky atmosphere draws people in, the food and drinks also play a key role in bringing diners back for more.  When it comes to the drinks, the café latte, choco chips frap, café mocha, caramel frap, strawberry smoothie, and mango smoothie are the most popular.  Of course, some people will prefer the choco banana smoothie, cookies and cream frap, and coffee espresso frap drinks.

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The most popular meals include the spicy pork bulgogi and ramen as well as the donkuta and ramen.  No one should ever leave Café Noriter until they have eaten the honey bread topped with delectable whipped cream and cinnamon, as they will continue returning for more in the future.  The rest of the desserts are pretty tasty as well, and diners will find themselves torn between which one they should choose from the display case.

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One of the best features of Café Noriter is that everyone can design their own cup while they are there.  Colored pencils are available in a wide variety of colors and people are encouraged to sketch, draw, or doodle until their heart is content.  The cups are saved as part of the massive collection that continues to grow within this café.


Iced Cafe Americano – 95php / 105php
Iced Cafe Latte – 140php / 150php
Iced Cafe Cappuccino – 140php / 150php
Iced Mocha – 140php / 150php
Iced Chocolate – 140php / 150php
Iced Caramel Macchiato – 140php / 150php

Espresso – 95php / 105php
Cafe Americano – 95php / 105php
Cafe Latté – 140php / 150php
Cappuccino – 140php / 150php
Cafe Mocha – 140php / 150php
Hot Vanilla – 140php / 150php
Macchiato – 140php / 150php
Hot Chocolate – 140php / 150php

Espresso – 140php / 155php
Mocha – 155php / 169php
Cappuccino – 155php / 169php
Caramel – 155php / 169php
Coffee Jelly – 155php / 169php

Chocolate – 140php / 155php
Caramel – 155php / 169php
Vanilla – 155php / 169php
Choco Caramel – 155php / 169php
Choco Mint – 155php / 169php
Choco Chips – 155php / 169php
Cookies & Cream – 155php / 169php

Waffle – 200php
Banana Big Cinamon – 220php
Noriter Toast – 180php
Honey Bread – 180php

Noriter – 150php
Tuna – 160php
Ham, Egg & Cheese – 160php
Club House – 180php


No one will ever be disappointed with a visit to Café Noriter, no matter what time of day they visit.  And since they are open from early morning until late night, every guest will have plenty of time to enjoy the quirky ambiance that is everywhere. In fact, numerous diners have confessed to order more than one during their visits.  Thankfully, the prices for food and drinks are very reasonable, so everyone can feel free to overindulge a little without going over their budget.

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Address: 2nd Floor, Reyes Building Estrada Street, Taft Ave., Metro Manila

1. Go to LRT Vito Cruz Station
2. Then walk going in front of La Salle University.


Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: Everyday, 10:30am-10:30pm

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