Mountain Lake Resort: Adventure Getaway in Laguna

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Laguna is a province situated in Southern Luzon. It features freshwater lake and also surrounded by river valleys. This makes Laguna an excellent site for possible archeological sites. The fertile lands make the area easily habitable, allowing early settlers a reachable source of eels, fish, grain, and game to support a flourishing community of people. The Coast Rivers give a chance of trading with foreign merchants and a fast method of transportation as well.

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

It has been studied and investigated by various archeological teams and has generated several discoveries. Most of the reviews suggested that this site must be used as a center of trade and a cultural site as well.


Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort is settled beside Lake Caliraya in the town of Cavinti, Laguna and overseeing the royal Mount Banahaw of Quezon. With almost 300 hectare area, this resort impeccably blends luxuriously tropical space and various fun-loving outside activities to meet visitors’ specific needs.


5,000 sq. per meter, the area is Spanish inspired Mediterranean which supervises the golf courses in a panoramic view of 180-degree. The resort covers first-class amenities such as Air-conditioned Fine Dining, Veranda Main Dining, Spacious Locker Room, Pro Shop and Bar, Landscaped and Skylighted Jacuzzi, Hot and Cold Showers, Massage Rooms and Sauna.


There are well-ventilated, air-conditioned rooms for those who prefer the classic high-end type of accommodation. There are other facilities such as Hot and Cold Shower, Mini-refrigerator, Cabled TV, and an area for chilling.

Standard room = 2,900 PHP
Deluxe room = 3,200 PHP
Superior room = 3,800 PHP
Family room (quad sharing) = 4,900 PHP
Extra bed = 800 PHP


The Deluxe Rooms are located in the Clubhouse. There is a total of 21 deluxe rooms which can fir 62 persons easily and offer 3.5 stars accommodation and services. There are the following facilities in deluxe rooms.
• Satellite/Cable TV
• Television LCD/LED Screen
• Air Conditioning
• Non Smoking Rooms
• Hair Dryer
• Complimentary Bottled water
• Smoke Detector
• Mini Fridge
• Bath Towel
• Hot & Cold Shower
Rates: 3,200 pesos for twin sharing


Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

The boathouse is a twin floating boathouse designed especially for those who desire for different adventures. The room literally floats in water. The room has the following facilities:
• Rain Shower
• Air Conditioning
• Hair Dryer
• Television LCD/LED Screen
• Private Sun/Moon Deck
• Slippers
• Umbrellas
• Complimentary Bottled water
• Hot & Cold Shower
• Mini Fridge

One more amazing thing is that the rooms are located near fishing villages so that one can enjoy catching fishes in the balcony.

Rates: 4,200 pesos for twin sharing



There are plenty of different activities one can perform while staying in the resort. Few famous activities are as follows:

Hanging Bridge and Zipline

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

The zip line cost you 150 pesos per ride. After the zipline ride, you have to walk on the bridge to begin from the start.

Obstacle course

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

A huge 19 stages obstacle course will provide you an endless excitement which you won’t get in cities. There are team building activities such as Slide and Drop. This activity will test your speed, camaraderie, and locomotor movements. There are other activities such as:

  • Wall climb and slide
  • Log crossing
  • Tire challenge
  • Karate Kid
  • Cable balance
  • Military crawl
  • Tarzan swing
  • Palo Sebo
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing

One of the main attractions is the fishing village, where you can catch Dory fishes in different sizes and you can cook them for eating. The rate of fishing activities is 250 pesos per person. They rent and sell finishing rod and fishing bait, in case you want to borrow one. The advantage of living in a boathouse will be that you will have fishing in your own rooms.

Lake Cruise

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

The lake cruise will allow you to tour around the resort for 30 minutes. Its charges are 250 pesos per head. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of this place and how refreshing the air around it. This 30 minutes ride is worth considering because there are plenty of nice things to have a look i.e. islands surrounding the Caliraya Lake. You will also see the other resorts in this area.


Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

If you want to be a little more adventurous then you can go biking. There is a facility of a single bike as well as the duo. The charges of the single bike are 250 pesos and for the duo, its 350 pesos.


The resort offers Astro camp wherein their telescope is huge and ranked as third largest in the Philippines.

Swan Boat and Banana Boat

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

There are boats available for riding around rivers such as Swan boar and Kayak. Swan boat charges are 350 pesos for an hour. Entire activities are supervised by trained staff which ensures the safety of everyone in the boats. Banana boat is another facility that you can use. Its charges are little high such as 1500 pesos for 15 minutes only.


Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

There is a huge beautiful swimming pool which is overlooking the lake. This facility is already included once you pay for any type of accommodation. If you want to try Jetski, then the charges are 2,500 pesos for 30 minutes.

Bubble Soccer

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

This bubble soccer would hype your adrenaline and channel your energy at the same time. You can run around the field for a long time and can tumble around for time to time. The charges are 250 pesos per pair.

Caliraya Springs Golf Course Walkthrough

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort Laguna

This is the only Golf Course with a beautiful view of mountains and lake. This is open for members and non-members too. You can avail a semi-crash course for playing golf by the senior players present in the resort. If you want to have a golf course surrounded by lake and mountains then Arnold Palmer Golf Course in this resort is for you.


The Mountain Lake Resort is vast with over 500 hectares of attractive mountains and lakes. There are two lakes in between the resort. You can call it a perfect place for activities such as Team Building and other training workshops. The food is delicious and staff members are attentive too.

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Mountain Lake Resort

Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna


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