The New Makati Central Square

by Rizanoia

Last December I attended the soft re-launch event of Makati Central Square popularly known as Makati Cinema Square. There are going to be many changes for Makati Central Square this year.

Makati Central Square 01

outside Makati Central Square


For those of you who do not know about the newly improved, it is one of the oldest malls in Makati. Makati Cinema Square was owned mainly by the Rufinos. The mall first opened its doors to people in April 1982, marking its 37th year in operation this year and serves as a family place where you can shop, dine and reconnect with your loved one.

It holds its charm with its unique offerings like the gun range, an archery range, a judo dojo, restaurants and food kiosks, supermarket, hobby shops, apparel, gadgets, printing press, banks, salons, bookstore, lotto outlet, and many more. They also have a boxing ring/events space on their top floor and for the audiophiles, there’s a vinyl record shop.

Makati Central Square 03

me with Jollibee mascot

Makati Central Square is going through this renovation so that despite how old it is, it will retain to attract people of every age with unique things. So be prepared to be amazed at the revamped Central Square.


This year, they went on a renovation to give their customers full satisfaction on their shopping experience from interiors, layout, designs that give you the 80’s futuristic vibes. There now have new exciting shops, restaurants and hobby place such as the movie theater, bowling center and a lot more. The Underground Gallery is also a new addition to Makati Central Square.

Makati Central Square 02 - Archery


Makati Central Square 04 - Bowling Center

bowling center

BOWLING RATES (per game/per person)
10:0 AM to 4:59 PM – P130/game
5:00 PM to 12:00 MN – P160/game
10:00 AM to 12:00 MN – P160/game
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM – P130/game
Shoe Rental – P35/pair

Makati Central Square 05 - Billiards


BILLIARD RATES (per hour/per table)
Table 1,3 up to Table 13 – P250/hour/table
Table 2 – P330/hour/table
Table14 up to Table 20
– P220/hour/table

Makati Central Square 06

art gallery

They now have Ukay Ukay shops that acquire old clothing from all over the world and sell them for a pittance. In Addition to this, they’re planning to open more stores, government offices and restaurants catering cuisines such as Korean, Japanese and Local food as well like JT’s Manukan, Atikaya, Manpuku Steak house, Wabi Sabi that every family can enjoy.

Makati Central Square 07 - Ukay Ukay

ukay-ukay shop

Makati Central Square 08 - Akitaya Japanese Restaurant

Akitaya Japanese Restaurant

As a result of all these interesting improvements, a major renovation is still ongoing. So stay tuned for more exciting things that are about to happen this year only at Makati Central Square!

Makati Central Square

Address: Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati, Metro Manila
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