Ma-Cho Temple: A Colorful Taoist Temple in La Union

by Rizanoia

The Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist temple that was dedicated to the sea goddess, Mazu. According to the legend, Mazu was a girl with the name Lin Mo who only lived until she was twenty-eight years old. She was born during the Northern Sung Dynasty, which was in control from 960 until 1127 A.D.

It is said that Lin Mo was compassionate and could perform miracles with her powers. She died at such an early age because she sacrificed her life to save those who were out on the rough waters of the sea.

The Ma-Cho Temple was constructed in 1975 and dedicated to Lin Mo, or Mazu, as she is more commonly known. This temple can be found in San Fernando, La Union. It is seven stories high and there are numerous different ways to get there.

There are quite a few highlights of the Ma-Cho Temple including the Bell Tower, Drum Tower, the Bamboo Garden, the Liang Thing Pagoda, the two circular pools, and the Majestic Five Door Gate. Inside the temple is filled with ancient Chinese artwork and décor. Everyone will appreciate as soon as they walk through the door.

Anyone can enter the Ma-Cho Temple on every day of the week, even if they are not worshipping. Those who have been here believed that Ma-Cho is the same person as Our Lady of Caysasay. This is the reason why this temple is quite popular with traveling Catholics.

Everyone will love the beauty that shines through the Ma-Cho Temple. Surely, every person who visits will leave with a feeling of contentment and understanding.


From Manila
1. Take a bus going to San Fernando, La Union.
2. From San Fernando, ride a jeepney going to Ma-Cho Temple.

From San Juan
1. Take a jeepney going to San Fernando.
2. Ride a tricycle going to Ma-Cho Temple.


Open from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 6pm.


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