10 Life Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

by Rizanoia

I’ve been fortunate enough to see and experience a lot of things during my travel this year. For me, traveling is a beautiful journey that opens your soul and eyes to a plethora of experiences in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. Plus, traveling is essential to personal growth and self-discovery. When you get the chance to see the world and you are able to meet new people with different cultures, taste their food or simply breathe in the air of another city or country – you learn a lot!

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Travel has taught me a lot that I am considerably keen to learn more through it. Let me share 10 things that I have learned from my travels this year.

Travel Has Taught Me That

1. You don’t need souvenirs to remember a place

walking barefoot in the sand of Jomalig Island
walking barefoot in the sand of Jomalig Island

I believe more in creating memories than remembering a place with a keyholder. Whenever I travel to a new place I always try to have fun like its the last time I will be visiting enjoying the atmosphere and beauty that the place brings, accompanying all that with lots of pictures. So, why should you need souvenirs to help you remember all your amazing experiences? Besides, souvenirs will not only take a lot of space in your luggage but you end up spending more than you bargained for.

2. You become a stronger and more confident person

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Traveling can really make you more confident because when you explore new territories when you push your comfort zone and you decide to go out there to book this random flight and go to a new location, this is confidence in itself.

You begin to see that you are stronger and more confident than you think and many of your fears are just self-imposed limitations and our perception of the situation.

3. You learn that you are responsible for your own destiny

No matter what we go through in life, good or bad, we are generally responsible for our destiny. Right from the moment, you decide to travel you have automatically taken ownership of your destiny. You are responsible for choosing where to go when you miss your flight or forgot to book your hotel. No matter the situation, remember not to blame anyone because all responsibilities lie on you – learn from them and move on as I did.

4. You set goals and believe you can

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It demonstrates that in the event that you need something or to be somewhere, you can make that happen, you should simply know the means that works best for you and your individual circumstance. For instance, you may use a planner to keep you organize and on track with your plans and goals.

Dreaming is great because it is the first step to achieving your goals. Planning is essential – you must first research on where to go, plan your itinerary, your transportation, internet and other fun things before they become a reality. If you ever dream of taking a road trip to all your destinations, start making plans about what routes to take, and guidelines.

When you plan before you travel, you will notice that everything becomes stress-free and achieving them becomes easy. So set your plan or goals now and work towards achieving them.

5. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help

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On the off chance that somebody around you can offer to help, let go of your pride and ask for help. The well-known saying “No man is an island” by John Donne comes to mind with regards to this once and it’s all right to accomplish your goals through the aggregate supports of strong individuals around you.

6. You become a communicator

The truth is you cannot always rely on technology such as Waze or Google maps when you need directions. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Google Maps is a savior whenever you are out and about. But, it cannot give you that connection with your fellow human.

You become a communicator when you start asking questions from random people – you can even ask in the language spoken there. I read somewhere from my own understanding that “you make new companions from body language”. That can boost your interest to explore more in that country. You will find out that it’s even more fun than you think.

7. You should always be polite

Always be polite when you travel because you are a guest in their town/country. They have arrived at their customs for a variety of reasons, and you have no right to impose your way of thinking or living upon them. Do this when you travel, and you will be blessed with many gifts, by learning about another culture, and the people who live there.

8. Everybody that you meet has a lesson to teach you

Blog Squad in Punta Verde Resort

Some people only make a brief appearance in our lives, but others will stay forever. I am a firm believer that every person who comes into our lives has something to teach us about life and about ourselves. Whether that experience is positive or negative, we will always learn from it. In one of my travels this year, I met some fellow travelers with beautiful souls that are still my best friends today and travel buddies. We were just total strangers when we met and although they live miles away, they’ve taught me more about friendship than anyone else ever has.

9. I learned that we are all the same

Blog Squad in Playa La Caleta

The irony of travel is that we embarked to try local cuisine, mingle with individuals and learn their culture, but we return and understand that we are just the same. Pilipino, American, Asian, famous, rich or poor – everybody is playing a similar game of life. In the end, we as whole need respect, approval, love, and security for our future.

10. I learned to choose the right accommodation

sitting on sofa bed at Nordic Homes Tagaytay

Learn from my mistake and don’t go against your gut feeling simply because you’re attempting to save lots of on your travel budget. Always budget well for your accommodation and book before you leave for your trip. I used Airbnb or Agoda to book online.

Traveling opens your mind and eyes to a lot of things you know nothing about before, and it helps you grow. Our everyday life is a lesson so we should always look for ways that we can grow, and learn.

Traveling has taught me way more than 10 life lessons but one of the most important life lessons that are so dear to my heart is that no matter the age, color, and race, we all want to be loved and cared for! Love your neighbor. It doesn’t cost anything. You will be loved in return. That is the game of life.

Create your vision board now. Walk towards it and do not relent! I challenge you to leave your home next year and start creating your own travel life lessons – start impacting others and yourself. Bring all your learnings towards the future. Cheers to a wiser 2019!

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