Barbados: A Caribbean Paradise for Travelers and Instagrammers

by Rizanoia

We see it all the time. People in exotic locations sharing their adventures on Instagram. It’s become a rite of passage in some way to show that the Instagrammer is “Living the good life.” Although there are many places around the world that are worthy of epic Instagram posts, the Caribbean and Barbados, in particular, is a very Instagrammable tourist destination.

Picture of a beach in Barbados with a glass bottom boat in the background.
Photo by Anthony Ingham | Unsplash

About Barbados

Barbados is an island in the south Carribean with neighboring islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is closer to South America than it is North America and other northern Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Bahamas. The official language on the island is English and the currency is Barbadian Dollar, however, the US Dollar is accepted in many venues throughout Barbados.

There are plenty of beaches and other tropical settings that are perfect backdrops for Instagram posts and Instagram Stories. There are also tons of beachside bars, awesome authentic restaurants, and fun nightlife. These are also very Instagrammable options to visit and can lead people to become intrigued by the posts. It’s guaranteed that the viewers of these posts will see Barbados as a potentially fun place to visit in the future.

How to Get to Barbados

There are multiple options for getting down to the Instagram island paradise of Barbados. The main two ways are to fly down to the island or to take a Caribbean cruise that stops in Barbados as one of the cruises port of calls. If flying, there are many airlines that offer service to Barbados. Bridgetown is the largest city and capital of Barbados where people usually fly into. The island is relatively small, so travel while on the island is easy whether walking, biking, or the occasional cab ride.

For many major cruise lines, Barbados boasts some incredible secluded beaches making it a popular port of call. Many tourists like to take a cruise when exploring the Caribbean because not only is there lots of fun on the ship, but also there is a great opportunity to explore the destinations that the ship stops at. The cruise will stop in the destination for a day or longer and the cruise ship’s schedule offers a structuring more like a tour as opposed to exploring Barbados alone. If traveling with family, a cruise might be the most fun because there is lots of fun for the entire family.

Why We Love Barbados

Barbados is one of our favorite places to visit because it has unbelievable picturesque beauty and is still good for travelers on a budget. Unlike Jamaica and Bahamas, which are oversaturated with tourists, Barbados is less touristy so visitors to the island usually are in for a more genuine and unique experience when visiting. Travelers will more often leave their comfort zone and discover something new on Barbados. From the food to the culture, it’s definitely one of our favorite islands of the Caribbean!

Where to Stay in Barbados

Barbados has a lot of different types of accommodations for a variety of different budgets. For travelers who want to really show their Instagram followers that they are having a good time and living the good life, they may want to check out some luxury villas in Barbados. Not only is this the ultimate way to experience all the island has to offer, but also Instagram followers will revel at the lifestyle that the Instagrammer presents. Being pampered by servants and amazing views all in a luxury villa. Who could ask for more? We recommend staying here for a vacation to Barbados because these villas are a fraction of the price of one in Jamaica, Aruba, or some other popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Essential Traveler Information

Since Barbados is in the Caribbean and is frequented by tourists, the preparation before visiting is minimal. For this reason, a visa is not required for citizens of most countries. The only requirement is that the passport must be valid for the duration of the stay and the traveler must have a return ticket. Barbadian authorities may ask to see a passport as a form of identification, so we usually recommend bringing a passport at all times while touring the island.


As we have discussed, Barbados is a gorgeous tropical island that would be perfect to feature on Instagram posts. The convenience of traveling to the Caribbean makes it popular to fly or cruise down to for a tropical paradise getaway. There are tons of Instagrammable locations to explore and consider featuring in posts and stories. There are multiple ways to get to Barbados and also a host of options for lodging on the island, from value resorts to luxury villas. Hopefully, we have explained enough for people to want to go experience the wonder of beautiful Barbados for themselves.

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