5 Tips On How To Market Your Tourism Business In Travel Blogs

by Rizanoia

Travel blogs are automatically the best media go-to for tourism businesses. They’re the platforms that share the same purpose with your business – to encourage people to travel. Because of the matching content, audience, and chosen channel(s), travel blogs have become the perfect collaboration partners for tourism marketing.

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But how does one find success in marketing in these travel blogs? Easy. Just follow these five tips on how to market your tourism business in travel blogs. Soon after, you’ll find your business flooding with bookings and inquiries and acquiring new marketing collaboration partners!

1. Do your research

Want to know the secret behind the successful marketing ideas of tourism businesses and tourism marketers like Edge Online?

It’s simple. Whatever marketing strategy that is, do your research first.

In this case, you want to identify first what type of travel blog you want to market to – blogs focusing on a specific city, a country, or the whole world.  You’ll need to research potential candidates based on what you want to market to – blogs that feature local or international destinations, or both. 

Once you’re good with your list, time to study how these travel blogs do their magic. Evaluate their content, see how they present their travel tips and knowledge and how their readers respond to their content, particularly with the promotional content included. 

2. Don’t hesitate to reach out

Connect with potential bloggers, whether on social media or directly to their blog. Talk to them about their works, your shared passion for traveling, and finally, your ideas to collaborate for your marketing project.

Building a connection with the blogger helps you both to evaluate if a collaboration would work best for you both, and if so, how will you proceed with your content to encourage your target readers/consumers to visit your destination and try out your tourism business.

3. Keep your promotional objectives at bay

People only get interested in promotional materials if it helps them achieve something, which in this case, is to find their next travel destination.

So keep that in mind when creating your marketing materials for the blog. If you’ve done your research right, you’ll already have an idea on how to include your marketing message that resonates with the blogger’s way of delivering promotional information.

For example, if you’re writing a guest post for the travel blog, only include links or details of your business where it fits naturally, not in the obvious promotional way. If links don’t do well with the blogger’s readers, you can include snapshots or graphics of your tourism business in the post instead.

4. Advocacy for increased marketing success

If you want to find more success in marketing in travel blogs, keep the mindset of share information and sell your destination when creating your marketing materials.

If you move forward with your advocacy in lead, your marketing will become effortless. Consumers are likely to patronize a business if they feel like they can support a cause and satisfy their needs or wants at the same time.

It’s a win-win situation for your business and the readers because:

  1. You establish your image as an authority about your destination, thereby encouraging more people to know more about your place and potentially check out your tourism business.
  2. Readers find the motivation to finally visit your destination because of their newfound information about your area and potential itineraries to try out.

For example, you can create an ultimate ebook guide about your destination, offer it to your travel blog partner. Then, the blogger would promote the free ebook to the readers through a blog post, and readers are required to provide their email ads in exchange for a free copy.

As a result, the travel blogger gets more people on his/her email list, you get to market your business to more people, and readers can finally visit your place without feeling lost or out of activities to try. Everybody wins!

5. Offer value in honor of your collaboration

Value doesn’t always mean a monetary offer. Sometimes, working together to increase both of your social media following, or a free two-night stay at your resort or a free package tour of the blogger’s chosen destination is enough. 

The point is, you want to show the blogger that you value their decision in allowing you to market your business to his/her readers. When exchanging value, don’t forget to offer what you think would benefit the blogger best.


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