Hagimit Falls Travel Guide

by Rizanoia

The charming persona of Samal Island isn’t only filled with white sand beaches. When you come face to face with its glorious beauty, you will be awestruck at its looming waterfalls.

So many tourists and locals hang out here during the afternoons so it’s always better to visit early to enjoy its magnificent beauty. Note that some of the areas have been enhanced by the resort maintenance team, so you cannot expect a 100% natural landscape. Nonetheless, the place in its entirety is always a real treat. I’d say it’s a perfect place for those who desire a weekend getaway to commune with nature. Its indeed, a truly relaxing place.

Campers will surely enjoy a green-culinary adventure as the waterfalls are filled with full-grown trees and different kinds of vegetables that grow around the riverbank. You will not only let your feeling be allured by its surroundings but also your palates. Vegetarians will definitely have a great meal around this waterfall.

There are no big souvenir shops around the area so if you plan to visit this waterfall anytime soon, don’t forget to bring along a good camera to capture every perfect moment with your family or loved one in this gorgeous place.

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