Davao Crocodile Park & Zoo Travel Guide

by Rizanoia

The Davao Crocodile Park was established in 1995. It is owned and operated
by a group of businessmen headed by Mr. Sonny Dizon. They are all a resident of Davao City.

The crocodile farm and educational park in Davao City first opened to the public in 2005 which today aims to promote public awareness and conservation efforts while being a place for public viewing and entertainment.

As expected, Davao Crocodile Park features crocodiles of all sizes. The park is the home of Philippine’s biggest crocodile in captivity.

Davao Crocodile Park is among the many tourist destinations in Davao city. The Park not only promotes conservation of crocodiles but with other wild animals too. The park started from the fascination of the owner with Saltwater and Freshwater crocodiles but is now home to a wide range of other non-crocodile residents including numerous other species like wild boars, binturongs, peacocks, ostriches, Philippine deer, lizards, tigers, monkeys, snakes, birds, and many other reptiles. It is said that the park showcases a cutting edge crocodile farming system not only in Davao but in the entire country.

Oddly enough, you can even try some crocodile meat prepared at the onsite restaurant. The Park also offers educational tours, lectures, and public awareness of wildlife conservation efforts. It’s all around, an incredible place.

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