Bohol Travel Guide for First Timers

by Rizanoia

If you are looking to spend your holidays in a place that is amazingly beautiful yet not crowded, Bohol can be your next holiday destination. This small island Philippines might not have received as much popularity as other islands such as Boracay or Siargao, but it can certainly compete for the title of your favorite spot in the Philippines.

This is mainly because Bohol is one of the most picturesque provinces you’ll see, and it offers an extremely well-balanced mixture of everything you could want out of a dream vacation. Stunning beaches, amazing wildlife and attractions, exciting nightlife and dining options – Bohol has it all. No other island in the country offers such a package that can really suit any type of traveler.


Like most of the regions in the Philippines, the island of Bohol is generally hot throughout the year with little fluctuation in temperature. June to November is considered as the rainy months of Bohol so you can avoid visiting the island during these months if your objective is to catch the sun or do fun activities. December and the Holy Week attracts a lot of local tourists, so the best time to visit this little island is from January to March as the weather around this time is just perfect as the place is not too crowded. From April to June, it can get too hot and crowded so you might be better going in the middle of the week, or booking a more remote resort not in Alona Beach.


Traveling to Bohol is not too difficult as it is well connected to all major locations, primarily Manila and Cebu. It is only about an hours’ flight from Manila by plane and the promo rates go for as low as 700P per person. Bohol recently opened a new airport which now accepts much more flights, including some international ones from nearby Asian countries.

Still, the best and most convenient way to reach Bohol is by ferry. You can do so from a multitude of nearby islands but of course, the most common routes are from Cebu or Dumaguete. This makes it easy to combine a stay in Bohol with a visit to some other nice island nearby. If you are looking for a more adventurous vacation then perhaps a smaller island such as Camiguin or Siquijor would be a better choice.


Amorita Panglao Bohol

Amorita Panglao Bohol is a lovely place to stay. It sits on top of a cliff overlooking the beach and some rooms even include a jacuzzi. This is perfect for families or for couples.

South Palms Resort

If you are planning for your most romantic vacation, you must include South Palms Resort in your itinerary as if can arrange a private romantic dinner date for you and your loved one. You can take a dip in your own villa’s hot tub, continuing your romantic date. This hotel is best booked through a travel agency though, as you can avail their all-inclusive packages with 2019 promo rates.

The Bellevue Resort

Although The Bellevue Resort opened just a few years ago, it doesn’t fall short of options to give its guests their dream vacation. With a beachfront that is lit brightly with blue umbrellas and a pool that is perfect for a swim with a view, the resort offers a perfect stay to its guests.

Treats Guest House

For all those who are looking for budget accommodation, Treats Guest House is a treat for travelers who wish to stay right in the heart of Bohol without spending too much money on accommodation.


Chocolate Hills

Bohol Travel Guide for First Timers

No, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol are certainly not made out of chocolate, but yes, they are truly an iconic attraction that one cannot afford to miss. The vivid green color of the hills gets transformed into brown during the dry season, and hence the name Chocolate Hills. With more than 1700 hills sprawling over 50 square kilometers, Chocolate Hills is a sight to behold. If you want to treat your eyes with some spectacular views, you must go in the midst of the hills.

Loboc River

Photo from A. St-Amour via Flickr

If you want to go for a unique cruise experience, Loboc river should be included in your to-do list. It is not just the treat for your eyes but also for your stomach as the cruise tour offers buffer with sumptuous food, performances and pit stops along the way. You can swim, dance and get high on the music. The cruise is the highlight of a visit to the adventure park, which also offers a host of other fantastic activities for visitors of all ages.

Dolphin watching at Balicasag Island

Photo from JR Rodriguez via Flickr

Island hopping and dolphin watching is another great excursion you can choose to do when in Bohol. You can set at dawn to check out the lovely sea turtles and dolphins and then snorkel around the island to come face to face with marine wildlife.

Tarsier Sanctuary

Bohol Travel Guide for First Timers

This Philippine sanctuary comprises of the wide-eyed creatures Tarsiers that are known to be the world’s smallest primates. Although they can be found all over Southeast Asian countries, their major population is in the Bohol island. So, if you want to get a glimpse of these tiny creatures, include a tour to Tarsier sanctuary in your itinerary.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church - Bohol Travel Guide for First Timers
Photo from Gunther Moons via Flickr

The Baclayon Church is known as one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The church is constructed from coral stones, using only bamboos to move and lift these stones. Today Baclayon is considered as a dungeon which was once used to punish the locals who violated the rules of the church. It is one of the best-preserved churches in the country, which now has a modern façade and several buildings around it. Next to the church is a small museum that comprises of several artifacts, antiquities and old relics, dating back to the sixteenth century. Also, included in the collection is the ivory statue of Christ.


Bohol Travel Guide for First Timers

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