Bay Tal Mal Restaurant, Zamboanga City

by Rizanoia

Finding a restaurant that won’t hold back on seasoning and flavor can be difficult. If you’re craving for spices and textures not found in everyday bland foods, you should stop by at Bay Mal Tal, a restaurant in Zamboanga City known for their Moro Cuisine.


Bay Mal Tal’s exterior may not exude ambiance like other restaurants do, but the rather plain exterior hides a beautiful new world inside. The breathtaking interior features bright tablecloths, cheery dividers that soar up to the ceilings, and warm but not overdone lighting. It’s a comfortable place to chat with your family or bring a date, and the excellent waitstaff makes the ambiance even better.

Looking at it, you would never guess this beautifully rendered eatery was once a simple coffee shop. The seating area is fairly small, with room for only about 80 guests. The Morrocan inspired décor fills the room with interesting things to look at and discuss while you are waiting for your meal. Despite how small it is, Bay Mal Tal doesn’t feel crowded. The open seating allows for large groups to be accommodated, so that you can enjoy eating with your friends, family, or coworkers without being divided up.


Latal (Php399, good for 2-3 persons)

Bay Mal Tal features a full range of Moro Cuisine. We ordered Latal, which is a platter made up of several different Tausug dishes. The huge servings are enough to comfortably feed 2-3 people, and the variety makes it satisfying no matter who is joining you on your adventure.

The plate arrived hot and fresh, the aromatic spices making our mouths water with eagerness. The generous spread included Tiyulah Itum as the main feature, as well as Beef Kulma, Chicken Piyanggang, Chicken Kiyaliya, Nangkah, Cucumber with Sambal, Calamares and Fried Fish in smaller offerings around the edges of the soup.

The Latal is a great way to try a variety of different sumptuous flavors. The crisp cucumbers help to cleanse the palate between other selections, and the meat dishes offer a wide selection of unique flavors to enjoy. We particularly liked the Chicken Piyanggang. The blackened coconut provided an extravagant taste that filled every corner of our mouth, and the chicken itself was cooked to perfection.

Also worthy of note was the Beef Kulma. The sweetness of the peanut butter mixed well with heavy spicing, making it a satisfying treat. All in all, the platter provided a rich and enjoyable feast for us in every possible way, and we finished the meal with piping hot tea from a beautiful bronze teapot that matched the décor.


When you are craving foods with real flavor, sometimes only Moro cuisine will do. We highly recommend Bay Mal Tal to help soothe your cravings and indulge your desire for good food. As the first restaurant in the area to be certified by the Department of Tourism, and to be Halal certified, you can be assured that the food you are getting is the best available. The next time you are looking for something delicious to eat with family and friends, stop by Bay Mal Tal and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Bay Tal Mal Restaurant
Address: Mayor Jaldon St. Canelar, 7000 Zamboanga City
Contact No.: 0915 016 0448
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Facebook Page:

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