Baler Travel Guide (Itinerary + Expenses)

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Here’s our latest budget travel blog about Baler! In this travel guide, you will get a sample itinerary, breakdown of expenses, as well as my recommended accommodation and tours.

About Baler

Baler Itinerary and Expenses
Photo by Gabriel Villena on Unsplash

Baler is an extraordinary destination in the province of Aurora. You will love to spend time outdoors, whether in the water or exploring the rest of nature. With so much to do in Baler, it may be difficult to create your weekend itinerary. But don’t worry, just continue reading and you will get ideas about where to go and what to do in Baler.

  • Language: Most of the locals speak Tagalog and few speak Ilocano. Tour guides and surf instructors can also speak and understand English.
  • Mode of Payment: It is best to bring cash because there are only a few ATMs in the town.
  • Safety: It is safe to explore around. Roads are concrete, locals are friendly and accommodating.

Best Time to Visit Baler

The busiest month in Baler is December, October and April. Expect an increase in accommodation rate in the midst of these months. If your purpose of visiting is surfing, the best time is during the month of July to December. The waves are smaller during summer.

How to Get to Baler

In case you’re driving from Manila, take the best route via NLEX and head towards TPLEX and then exit at Lapaz. From Tarlac City, use the Waze app for easy navigation. Travel time takes 4-5 hours.

A. Direct From Cubao to Baler
Genesis Bus: Cheap yet longer travel option. Travel time is around 6-7 hours and with few stopovers.
Bus Fare: 550 PHP
Joy Bus: More expensive yet comfortable option. Travel time is around 5-6 hours non-stop. The seats are more relaxing provided with blankets, pillows and snacks.
Bus Fare: 750 PHP
B. Cutting Trip
In case direct buses to Baler are fully booked or you want a cheaper option, you can ride a bus bound to Cabanatuan (185 PHP) and then by van to Baler (220 PHP). Travel time is around 6 hours.

How to Get Around Baler

If you have your own vehicle, getting around tourist attractions of Baler will be much easier. The streets are mostly concrete and tourist spots are not that far from each point.

Otherwise, you have other means of transportation around the area:

  • By Van: 2500 per day, good for up to 10 pax.
  • Rent a Motorbike: 400-500 PHP
  • Rent a Tricycle: 500 PHP – Half Day / 800 PHP – Whole Day
  • One Way Tricycle Trip (short distance): 10-20 PHP

Tourist Spots in Baler

Baler is full of adventures but it can be explored and enjoyed for 2 days. Here are the must-see places within Baler.

Balete Tree (Millenium Tree)

The Balete Tree can be found within the Balete Park, and this massive tree has been growing for more than six hundred years. We walk through the paths that weave in and out of the tree while listening to stories that have been told for generations. Tour guides are also funny and know where the visitor should position to take awesome pictures.

Address: Bayan ng Maria Aurora, Aurora
Entrance Fee: 10 PHP plus 10 PHP if you want to get inside the tree
Parking Fee: 10 PHP per vehicle

Ditumabo Mother Falls

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Ditumabo Mother Falls
Photo by eazytraveler

This magnificent waterfall is in the nearby town of San Luis, but the distance is not that great, so it is the perfect spot for a little side trip.  We hiked for approximately an hour before we finally reach the Ditumabo Mother Falls, but the rushing water that falls one hundred and forty feet was worthwhile.

Entrance Fee: 30 PHP per pax
Tour Guide Fee: 200 PHP per guide
Parking Fee: 30 PHP per vehicle

Hanging Bridge

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge is a steel cable bridge that can be found just above the Tibag-Sabang River and crossing it can be quite an adventure.  However, the views of the mouth of the river and surrounding area will make everyone forget that they are on a bridge that sways in the breeze.

Diguisit Beach

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Diguisit Beach

There are plenty of beaches in Baler, but none are as interesting as Diguisit Beach, where rock formations seem to surround the sand and the water.  Many visitors will walk along the beach, while some will want to attempt to climb the rocky terrain.

Entrance Fee: 20 PHP per pax

Sabang Beach

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is the place to surf while in Baler thanks to the strong waves that crash towards the sandy shoreline.  The sand may not be white at Sabang, but that shouldn’t stop anyone who wants to experience spectacular sunrises or sunsets.

Surfboard Rental + Instructor: 350 PHP / Hour
Surfboard Rental Only: 200 PHP / Hour ; 800 PHP / Whole Day

Museo de Baler

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Museo de Baler

This may be a basic museum, but everyone will love learning about the history of Aurora.  There are plenty of photos of the former First Lady Dona Aurora, whom the area was named after, and a few artifacts.  It doesn’t take too long to see the entire museum, but the information is worth the trip.

Address: Quezon Street, Poblacion, Baler
Entrance Fee: 30 PHP/pax
Business Hours: Open daily from 8am to 5pm

Doña Aurora House

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Doña Aurora House

Doña Aurora House is across the street from the Museo de Baler, and it is the childhood home of the former First Lady.  There is not much inside the home, but it is interesting to see how it has been carefully preserved to honor the former First Lady’s memory.

Address: Rizal Street, Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Business Hours: Open daily from 8am to 5pm

Baler Monument

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: Baler 400 Years Monument

At the town hall near Museo de Baler and Donya Aurora House, you will see these red big letters. At the back are the four pillars representing 400 years of history. This landmark is named by the government as Baler 400 Years Monument.

Where to Stay in Baler

The Circle Hostel

Baler Itinerary and Expenses: The Circle Hostel

Anyone planning a visit to Baler will want to stay at The Circle Hostel, where everyone will find the room of their dreams.  This hostel is not too far from the beach, which is perfect for surfers and those who love long strolls on the sand. Guests enjoy spending their time out in the common area as they make new friends amongst the other guests and relax in hammocks that sway like the ocean’s breeze.

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Room Rates:

  • Buddy Room 1,350 PHP/pax
  • Cuddle Room 1,350 PHP/pax
  • Hammock 500 PHP/pax
  • Girl’s Dorm 600 PHP/pax
  • Co-ed Dorm 600 PHP/pax


  • Cozy common areas
  • Hot and Cold showers
  • Chill vibe
  • Comfy Hammocks
  • Banana and Bread Breakfast
  • Friendly staff
  • Board Racks
  • Half-pipe

2D1N Baler Itinerary

09:00 pmmeet-up SM North
10:00 pmETD Manila
15:00 amlight breakfast
6:00 amBalete Tree
7:30 amDitumabo Mother Falls
9:00 amheavy breakfast
10:00 amHanging Bridge
11:00 amDiguisit Beach
12:00 pmlunch
2:00 pmcheck-in hotel/hostel
3:00 pmsurfing
5:00 pmrest, free time
7:00 pmdinner & socialization
26:00 amwake-up call
7:00 ambreakfast
8:00 amsurfing, swimming
12:00 pmcheck-out, lunch
1:00 pmMuseo de Baler
2:00 pmDonya Aurora House
3:00 pmPasalubong Center
3:30 pmETD Baler
8:30 pmETA Manila

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