Newest Inflatable Water Park in Batangas!

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Personally, I haven’t yet experienced to visit an inflatable water park. It’s one of my bucket lists ever since I heard about this kind of attraction. From its word “giant inflatable water slide”, it seems so challenging yet superb experience to try out this summer! And as I’m looking for an inflatable water park in the Philippines I’ve stumbled upon this newest park that is soon to be open in public.

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When I’ve heard about this news, I got curious and excited so I researched more about them to know who and what’s behind this floating water park. I discovered that it is operated by a company called Aqua Play Parks and the next stories will reveal how they started and what to expect from them this 2019.


In the year 2010, Aqua Play Parks started their new journey towards the Asian market. After 3 years of providing inflatables in Canada, they began to install their very first inflatable water park at Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas.

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The park center’s Monster Slide has been featured in numerous network show for its one of a kind towering structure flaunting its very first 3-in1 slide.

Moreover, Aqua Play Parks is known for making unique parks that attracts vacationers to fully enjoy their visit to a resort! Also in the year 2016, Aqua Play Parks won the Guinness Book of World Record title for the Highest Floating Water Slide in the World.

Aqua Play Parks Philippines 3


These giant floating water slides are results of the creative ability and skill of the company owned by CEO, Mr. Peter Appleton.

Made from high-quality materials and in his very own manufacturing company in China, Mr. Appleton has constantly done hands-on inspection review to guarantee quality. He made sure that the structure will adjust well in strong winds but then gives the height and slants for that extraordinary “jet” feel experience.


Aqua Play Parks began to present high-quality water parks in the Philippines in the year 2017. And as of the moment, they now have 3 ventures serving vacationers from all parts of the country.

CBI Water Park, Club Balai Isabel

Aqua Play Parks Philippines 4 - CBI Water Park, Club Balai Isabel

CBI is a themed park known for its striking white and grey color. It is just 2-3 hours away from Manila that is located in Talisay, Batangas with a stunning view of the world-famous Taal Lake. In addition, this park utilized the very first 3-in-1 Monster Slide which is more than 30 feet high!

Kamia Bay Resort

Aqua Play Parks Philippines 5 - Kamia Bay Resort

Puerto Princesa Palawan is known for its turquoise water and bounteous marine life. But aside from this, you’ll see the second floating park introduced by Aqua Play Parks. It is currently the largest in the country loaded up with adrenaline-siphoning obstacles.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

Aqua Play Parks Philippines 6 - Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

Situated in the secluded part of South Luzon, this inflatable water park in Oas, Albay made the beach more alive and exciting! Its quality was tested after a typhoon hit it directly after the installation, the SOBR inflatable park is still there standing tall!


Be ready to experience more of Aqua Play Parks gems as it opens additional parks in June! Based on humor, they will also install in Siargao and Bohol. What excites me the most is that they installed another one in Batangas that is situated at The Seashore Beach Club in San Juan.

The Seashore Beach Club

Be prepared for Luzon’s first double monster slide, half pipe slide and 40-ft tall slide! With the other inflatable parks in Batangas, The Seashore Beach Club will flaunt another 2 goliath slides and high trampoline.

With all this information I’ve gathered, I got more excited to try it out for the first time! How about you?

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