Alavar Seafood Restaurant, Zamboanga City

by Rizanoia

After spending half of our day in Sta. Cruz Island we headed to Zamboanga’s popular seafood restaurant. From the colorful birds entertaining you, to different antic displays, the Alavar Seafood Restaurant is a relaxing experience that makes eating outdoors enjoyable.


When we chose to stop by the restaurant, we found the wait staff pleasant and we were seated at our reserved table very quickly. The atmosphere was very open and pleasant, with beautiful chandelier lighting softened by gauzy white curtains acting as a ceiling to shade us from the sun. We felt comfortable and at home in the spacious, open dining area, and quickly relaxed as the attentive waitstaff took our order.


Zamboanga White

Since the day was so hot, we started off with a glass of Zamboanga White, a delicious blended drink featuring lychees. The frosty cold beverage gave us a wonderful sense of relief and refreshed us enough to enjoy the rest of our order.


Alavar Seafood Restaurant serves a variety of different kinds of seafood but they are best known for Curacha. Curacha is the local name for Deep-Sea Crab. It is a delicious, meaty crab known for its exquisite flavor. This crab has a somewhat unfortunate appearance, which may be why its name is so similar to Cucaracha—the cockroach. Yet once you’ve tasted its exotic flavor coupled with the legendary Alavar sauce, you won’t question why tourists flock to this restaurant in order to experience the flavor for themselves.

The delicious sauce is spread over the top of the crab and tastes like it is made from coconut and crab fat. The sauce melds with the flavor of the crab, intensifying all the flavors and making you crave even more with every bite. Despite the cost of the crab we found ourselves wanting even more after we savored the last bite of tender, juicy meat.

Alavar Seafood Rice

The Curacha was the main thing we came for, but there were other notable dishes worth mentioning. Served right after the Curacha was the Alavar Seafood Rice Platter, a delectable combination of seafood ranging from clams and shrimps to squid and tuna. Piping hot rice is served with it and the generous portions make it big enough to share. Of course, you may not want to after you take your first mouth-watering bite.

Sizzling Squid

We rounded up our meal with an order of Sizzling Squid. The squid was cooked to perfection and plated beautifully on a bed of seaweed. It made the ending of our meal complete. If you ever visit Zamboanga, you will want to stop by this restaurant, and experience this delectable seafood feast for yourself.


Patience is a virtue if you’re going to dine in during peak hours. Our food was served more than one hour, imagine how hungry we were haha! Nevertheless, I can totally say it was worth the wait when our orders were finally served and we started tasting it while it was hot. All the seafood were incredibly delicious that seafood lovers like me will surely enjoy. The Curacha and Sizzling Squid are my most favorite.

This is also recommended for a large group due to its price. And if you are a solo traveler or in a budget, there is a smaller branch near Paseo del Mar that you can order in a smaller serving.

If ever we are going to revisit Zamboanga City we will definitely dine in this restaurant again. I highly recommend this restaurant for a delicious seafood feast, as well as an enjoyable dining experience.


Address: Don Alfaro St. Zamboanga City
Hours: 8:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Contact No.: (062) 992 4533
Facebook Page:

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Angel Bogart April 2, 2019 - 3:41 pm

The most exciting thing here is how you’ve come up with the most delectable sauces to transform the scary deep-sea crab called “curacha,” which literally means cockroach, into a most sought-after delicacy. Mom has been scouring the world for the best crustacean dishes and this might be the best she is yet to taste. It would be great if we could visit this seafood restaurant one day to savor the exotic taste of the legendary “sea cockroach.”


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