Why Do I Blog?

This afternoon I received an email from Courtney – author of Faithful Blogger and she asked me this question “Why Do You Blog?”. With a deep breath and a big question mark on my head I’m also asking my self  “Why do I blog?”

Year 2009 was my first time I post a blog about my self. I just like posting photos that I captured and then tell the story behind it and that’s it! The reason why do I blog was just to satisfy myself that time. Ooops! Wait! I’m not yet finished.

By year 2012 I became active on blogging. As I go on studying about blogging I got interested on different topics especially about girly things (make-up and dress). Upon thorough exploring the world of blogging I discovered that I should have a purpose. Not just to satisfy my self but also to help others. I also love on sharing how God blessed my life.

Through my blog I wanna glorify God while my readers got inspired of it. This is the true reason why do I blog. 🙂

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