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While looking back slash scrolling down on my Instagram account @rizanoia, I noticed that most of the photos I posted were food instead of makeup. Does it mean that I am more in love with food more than makeup? Or possibly this is a proof that Maslow’s theory is irrevocably true – that food is more important than having self-esteem. And today, I would like to add a special place on this blog about the foods (and drinks) I have tried during the whole week, the past few days and months. So let’s start where I had my lunch yesterday – at Spicy Fingers.

By the way before I continue, I do not consider myself as a professional food blogger. I may luck on information and skills the way usual food bloggers do. The purpose of this is to share or tell my experiences on such particular food that I’ve tried that you might also try or not to try.

Spicy Fingers Pan Seared Fish Fillet

Pan Seared Fish Fillet – P120.00

Yesterday was not my first time I ate on this place. The first time I tried this restaurant doesn’t gave me a satisfying feeling as a customer. I didn’t like the taste of Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Spicy Sauce. I didn’t taste anything special on the sauce and the fish fillet itself. It tasted just like a normal chili sauce for me. But to be fair enough and before giving my final say I also tasted the four other meals that my officemates ordered. And “The Most Patok ang Lasa Award” goes to their Chicken Curry!

Spicy Fingers Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry – P120.00

That’s why yesterday I ordered their Chicken Curry. This time I didn’t felt disappointed with the taste of my order. Ang lakas lang makafeel at home ng lasa.

Spicy Fingers Value Express Lunch costs P120 per meal with an iced tea. Not bad on the price but expect to get a bill higher than what you are expecting because of the service charge.

The downside of this restaurant is their very slow service. It took 30 minutes to 1 hour of waiting for the food to be served at your front. The same thing when asking your bill, what’s too hard for getting the computation of 2 meals and it took 15 minutes? Another question is how come it is called Value Express Lunch if you have to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour?

Overall, I can’t really recommend this restaurant especially when you are an employee and you only have 1 hour lunch break. This can only be one of your choices if you are in Greenbelt and you want to try something new at affordable prices.

Spicy Fingers Bar and Restaurant
G/F Greenbelt 2, Paseo de Roxas cor Legaspi St.
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 729-8761

By the way I listed down other food establishments that I’ve tried so expect to see more about food on this blog. Thank you for reading and see you on my next When Hunger Strikes blog series!

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