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What’s in My Bag?

One of the random things about me that I’ve mentioned before is that I would rather choose large tote bag than any other small shoulder bag… but not now anymore. After a day of shopping (or just walking) with my large tote bag on my shoulder, I experienced pain and redness on my shoulder. That’s why this year I tried to lighten my bag by removing “not so needed” things in my bag. And now, are you excited to see what’s in my bag?

What's in My Bag Featured Image

Before I show what’s in my bag, I would like to introduce first my new bag that I purchased this month from Zalora.

What's in My Bag Zalora Trapeze Tote (Front)

External Pouch Trapeze Tote | Php 1,299.00

This is a beige color Trapeze Tote that is not too small and not too large. Aside from that, this bag is helping me to lessen my stress in my life by bringing my necessary things only. This is also perfect to use by working girls like me or in a formal occasions.

What's in My Bag Zalora Trapeze Tote (Back)
Other details:
– Made of synthetic leather
– Main compartment with zip fastening
– One rear zip pocket
– Fabric inner lining
– One inner zip pocket with two inner slot pockets
– Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap

What's in My Bag Sneak Peek

sneak peek

What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag?

1. makeup kit

Makeup kit is maybe the heaviest thing that consumes a lot of space in every girl’s bag. In fact, I have 2 makeup kits that I always bring before. But now, I just use only one that includes my must haves makeup. If you’re interested, I will also show what’s in my makeup kit soon.

2. boarding house and cabinet keys

I must not forget to bring these keys. Without these, I can’t get inside our boarding house.

3. Globe pocket wifi

Unfortunately, my Globe pocket wifi has very weak connection in our boarding house in Mandaluyong so I just use this when I’m blogging at home in Cavite.

4. Belle De Jour Power Planner 2015

This is really important to me now. This keeps me on track every day and night and is helping me to be more productive in life.

5. wallet

Of course! A wallet is a must bring thing inside a bag. Aside from money, this also includes my ID’s needed for emergency situations.

6. ballpens

I recently bought colorful Dong-A gel pens that I can use to write in my planner. Those bright color pens are giving life to my planner and inspire me to write blog ideas and tasks that I should finish in a specific span of time.

7. earphone

I used this when I am watching YouTube on my phone or in my netbook.

8. Sony Xperia E

When I’m tired seating in front of my netbook, I just lie on my bed and watch on YouTube using my Sony Experia E.

Now it’s your turn to share what’s in your bag.

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    • Rizanoia says:

      Tama ka dyan girl. Dati kasi walking distance lang yung workplace ko kaya madalas pati netbook dala ko. Kaso ngayon nagbabyahe na ko eh ang hirap makipagsiksikan sa bus pag malaking bag gamit ko.

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