Beauty Blog Discoveries

Top 10 Recent Beauty Blog Discoveries

I remembered the days when I was just starting blogging about random things in my life. Then later on I discovered my interest about makeup and other things that girls love to do to look better. I read others blog to have more ideas about fashion and beauty blogging. I became a reader of Eyahnism, Genzel Kisses and Yettezkie’s Doodles. These blogs didn’t just gave me ideas but also inspired to continue on what I started.

Beauty Blog Discoveries

But there are times wherein my mind is buffing too long before I create another blog post. During this time, one of my favorite things to do is visiting others blog. So here are the 10 beauty blogs that I discovered recently.

Beauty Blog No. 1 – Project Vanity by Liz Lanuzo

Description: Guide to beauty and fashion that’s practical and wearable.
My favorite post: Cheap finds: Lip Ice Water Colour Lips in Vintage Pink

Beauty Blog No. 2 – The Misty Mom  by Shari M.

Description: A beauty blog mixed with a little bit of style. Mainly focused on the latest makeup, skincare and hair care products that she feel strongly about.
My favorite post: On the Go vs. Take Your Time Makeup

Beauty Blog No. 3 – Go Jackie Go

Description: A lifestyle blog of a mom and a homemaker sharing her sense of style through no-fuss, easy to wear OOTD.
My favorite post: What You Need To Know About Your Intimate Area

Beauty Blog No. 4 – Product Arena by Celline Reyes

Description: A Filipina beauty blog that’s dedicated giving you reviews, hauls, looks and product comparisons about everything that is beauty-related.
My favorite post: Review: Belo Intensive Whitening Soap, Body Cream and Face & Neck Cream

Beauty Blog No. 5 – Kisty

Description: A creative lifestyle and travel blog by a 20-something free spirit.
My favorite post: Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

Beauty Blog No. 6 – Micmic’s Corner by Michelle

Description: A blog that talks about personal experiences with makeup, skincare, fashion and food.
My favorite post: Review/Swatches | Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms

Beauty Blog No. 7 – Kikay Si Maria by Eloisa Co

Description: The place wherein she share the things she is most passionate with.
My favorite post: Makeup Transformation: From Drab to Fab!

Beauty Blog No. 8 – What Tina Loves by Tina

Description: Banker by day, graduate student at night, part-time wanderer and beauty addict.
My favorite post: The Repurchases

Beauty Blog No. 9 – Kimpossibly Gorgeous by Kim

Description: A girl who’s never afraid of taking risks, in life and in makeup.
My favorite post: Kim Asks: What Are Your Makeup Kit Must-Haves? (Feat. Manila Beauty Bloggers)

Beauty Blog No. 10 – Plump Cheeks by Juvy

Description: Mostly about branded makeup like MAC. This blog also talks about skincare, fashion, tools, events, and others.
My favorite post: Eye of Horus Alternative Smokey Eye Pack Review, Photos, Swatches

One thing that they are in common and I love about them is their great content, images and theme. No wonder why there are now in top 100 fashion and beauty blogs here in the Philippines.

Did you find your favorite beauty blog in my top 10 list?

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Recent Beauty Blog Discoveries

  1. Beauty By Tellie says:

    I love this top 10! I have a lot of favorites mentioned like: Liz, Shari, Kisty, Tina, Kim and Juvy 😀

    Other bloggers I’m subscribed to that have great content and post regularly: and

    • Rizanoia says:

      Hi Tellie! I’m glad to hear that we have some common fave blogs. I always see your name on their blog comments.
      And your right, I visited foodworldme and thebeautybeeblog and they are really consistent on updating their blog. 😀

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