Today I Learned Something New #FOTD #EOTD

Yesterday I attended our Church Sunday Service and below was my face of the day selfie shot before going to church. I know I’m not a pro when it comes to putting makeup, but it makes me happy when I learned something new and noticed that there are improvements in me as a beauty blogger.
This was uploaded on my Instagram account. I hope you can follow me, my username is still rizanoia.
After the service I went to Robinson Place to buy new blouse for a semi-formal occasion. Above photo is my selfie shot again before going to Robinson.

Luckily I got two for a sale price. I will show it to you on my haul post. When I got home I tried to change my eyeshadow look into smokey. But instead of using a plain eyeshadow I tried to use a lip liner and black eyeliner for the first time. So here is the result.

Did you noticed the difference? I hope so…. Haha!
For me, this is something new that I learned. I’m not really not good at different eyeshadow look and I’m so proud of myself to achieve this new look on my eyes.
I was supposed to entitle this post a “smokey eye look” but I’m confused if this was really a smokey eye look. When I saw smokey eye images on google I think what I did was not included or passed the term itself. Because this is something new that I learned today so I decided to change the title.
How about you? What did you learned something new today?

12 thoughts on “Today I Learned Something New #FOTD #EOTD

  1. Aiko Borja says:

    congrats sa bago mong natutunan.. same as mine when i have new learning’s grabe diko maexpress ang feelings ko sa sobrang saya. kase may na achieved ako. i think this look is neutral eye makeup. or natural eye makeup. perfect for everyday use.. keep on practicing pa po para lalo ka gumaling 🙂

  2. Roselle says:

    Nice job for a beginner. Your eye shadows are well blended. I don’t know how to apply eye shadow but I think I can practice while watching tutorials.

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