Things I've Been Doing Lately Instead of Blogging

Things I’ve Been Doing Lately Instead of Blogging

Things I've Been Doing Lately Instead of Blogging

Hello dear! Do you still know me? I hope you do. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared something personal here on my blog.

I’ve been missing quite awhile so here is a list of things I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

  • Working on an e-commerce company that requires more than 8 hours in a day. I’m not complaining, but this kind of job is eating most of my time and energy plus the traffic on Edsa.
  • Spending time with Bryan my love (my boyfriend).
  • Wandering. I went to Tagaytay and Pipisik Beach Resort at San Juan Batangas.
  • Watching movies and series of #TheWalkingDead. I can’t count how many times I shouted on breath taking scenes on every episode of Season 6.
  • Cleaning up my Instagram. I deleted all the photos I uploaded last year and started to establish a clean and bright feed. I also learned how to use hashtags to gain followers and likes. Now I have 500 followers, not bad but I am expecting for more this month. Follow me on Instagram: @rizanoia.
  • Cleaning up my Twitter by unfollowing those who unfollowed (and by following and following back). I will surely follow back if you have description on your profile and if your display photo is not an egg. Follow me on Twitter @rizanoia.
  • Cleaning up my Pinterest by deleting boards that is not within my interest and creating boards that will be useful to my followers. Again, hope you will follow me on Pinterest: @rizanoia.
  • Reading motivations and tips on blogging. I admit that there are many times that I feel too lazy and unmotivated to blog but still here I am trying to get on track, thanks to other fellow bloggers out there who keeps on blogging and gives inspiration.
  • Learning on how to cook and perfecting the taste of Adobo.
  • Pigging out because eating and sleeping are my favorite things to do on weekend.

That’s all for today, and hope to see you again on my next post! 🙂

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    • Rizanoia says:

      Hi Juvy! You don’t know how happy I am because of your comment. Thank you! Atleast I feel that there is still someone reading my blog *teary eyes*. By the way, I visited your blog already. Thanks for the recommendation we might try it too. 🙂

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