The History of Makeup

Makeup is one of the must haves of most girls. Lately, I have learned new things about makeup application – how to choose the right foundation, blush on, color of lipstick and etc. for a morena like me. Thanks to beauty gurus out there for sharing their knowledge via YouTube.

Before I share some of what I learned I would like you to introduce first who are the persons behind makeup, where it came from and when? Read this infographic to know the answers about the history of makeup.
That’s it! Thanks to Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans and many more for discovering girls daily essential – makeup. I hope you learned new about its history. 😀

14 thoughts on “The History of Makeup

  1. Ria C says:

    It’s nice the history of make-up. I have read that it was the Egyptians who wore the make-up long before it got very famous and prominent using plant dyes.

  2. Marie says:

    Yup I heard that thing about cleopatra too. Girls I think are born for makeup lol. I remember rubbing red lollipop on my lips so that I will have red lips

  3. Aiko Borja says:

    wow!! i love this post.. so informative for a fan of makeups like me.. thank you for sharing this post to us ..

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