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It’s Swimming Time! Tara Let’s sa Volets!

Swimming in the beach or swimming pool is everyone else likes to do during summer. It’s either with your family, friends, churchmates or love ones. Perfectly, my college best friend invited me to join their swimming activity with his family and friends. Since it’s a night swimming I quickly accepted his invitation. I hate swimming at daytime because it will make my skin darker and all my efforts in achieving a lighter skin color will be gone. Hahaha!

jump shot

Weeks before our swimming day we’ve go through a lot of decision making – date, time, place and budget. But on the day we’re waiting for, there are some changes happened. In the end, we decided to swim at Volet’s Resort and Hotel. Anyways the changed in place and time was better and favorable to me. It only took 15-20 minutes jeepney ride from our house going to Volets.


On the top of the slide is the selfie king and my bestfriend as well – Ehrald (follow him on Twitter @143ehraldvamp). Sliding on a high slide is one of my greatest fear in life. But I’m proud of myself that I tried to overcome my fear and slide even for one time only (slow motion nga lang) 🙂


In line with our swimming bonding was also Rachelle’s birthday celebration.


My college bestfriends Jhay Ar (left) and Ehrald (right).

Volets Resort

Volets Resort

Beat the heat pose. Thanks to Ehrald for taking this pretty shot.


The truth is I am not a fan of paying entrance fee which I think expensive. Paying 230 pesos is expensive for me, however I feel no regrets about this. We ended our swimming by 12 midnight and I guess all of us feel so refreshed.

What I love about Volets are:

  • Nice and a relaxing place to have fun
  • I get what I pay for
  • I feel the summer heat like never before
  • Accessible for travelers

In case you also want to try out Volets, details below might help you:

Volets Resort Entrance fee

Day                        8am-5pm             PhP 230 / head

Night                    4pm -12mn          PhP 230 / head

Overnight            6pm – 4am         PhP 250 / head

Children               (4 ft below)          PhP 175 / head

Volets Resort Cottage Rates

Umbrella              Group of 5-10    PhP 350

Short Table         Group of 5-10    PhP 350

Long Table          Group of 5-15    PhP 800

Nipa                       10 or more          PhP 800

Big Nipa Hut       10 or more          PhP 2000

Pavillion                10 or more          PhP 2500

Address Emilio Aguinaldo Highway 4114 Dasmariñas, Cavite

Phone (046) 416 0790

Visit TravelBook.ph for more Cavite resorts.

22 thoughts on “It’s Swimming Time! Tara Let’s sa Volets!

  1. Roselle says:

    Argh! Would you believe that it’s been years since I enjoyed swimming during summer? Haaay. I’m still looking forward to enjoy these summer days at the beach. Anyway, congrats to your fair share of fun. I know it was a well spent day for you and your friends. 😀

  2. Aegeane Brioso says:

    Oh my gosh! The slide is so huge! I wanna try that! Haha! Honestly, hindi talaga ako nagsslide, kasi may fear of heights ako, pero nung last swimming namin, nawala na yung takot ko. And now, I am really addicted with huge slides and this one looks really cool and awesome! The place looks very refreshing and you look so hot Ms. Riza! Though the entrance is pricey, I think you really enjoyed the day with your friends. Sana makapagbonding din kami like that. Hihi. I love the fierce shot, very pretty!

  3. jo says:

    The fees are reasonable. I thought the second to the leftwas my sibling. LOL! Oh I miss going out with my friends and co-workers alike because of this post. Whew!

  4. papaleng says:

    Talagang naaliw ako sa wet-look shot mo anak.. 🙂 Pansin ko lang yung jump shot photo nyo. Okay sa ayos yung naka-red short. Ang taas ng talon, parang magaan siya.

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