Straight Long Black Thick Hair FOR SALE?

I remember when I was a little kid I look like a boy because of my hair. It was literally a haircut of a boy. And who was the reason behind it? My grandmother! She didn’t like our hair (me and my other cousin) to see that it almost covers our faces. It made her feel irritated and I don’t know why. My short hair cut continued until when I was in high school. I also felt I was a boy that time. I always wear a cup and acted like a boy.

And when I entered the college life, I promised to myself that I will no longer allow my grandmother to cut my hair again. I decided to see myself with a long black hair. And ta-dah! It happened!

But it was not too easy to achieve this. It needs to be shampooed and conditioned everyday. Take note at least two sachets of conditioner are needed. If not, it will be difficult to comb my hair. I always consumed one drum of water in taking a bath to make sure my hair is rinsed off perfectly. It is not also easy to dry because of its thickness. I told you its not so easy, lice are easily transferred. Itchiness and scratching my head all the time was so annoying. Fortunately, by the help of “suyod” I get over with this.

Last December 8, 2012 my hair got rebonded but I didn’t see the difference. I thought I just waste my money. Inggitera kasi ako, kahit na alam kong straight na buhok ko naghangad pa ako ng mas straight pa.

Of course there are also advantages of having a long hair. Wherever I go, people notice me even I do nothing. Many girls touch my hair and wishing that they also have a long and beautiful hair like mine. By the way I’m using Dove shampoo and conditioner (the pink color). I think I will stick with this brand alternately between blue and pink so I will not be immune to the smell.

I’m planning what to do next with my hair. Will I cut it below my shoulder? Curl it? Ombre? Pink hair? Blonde it? Or sell it? My hair is eating most of my money so I’m thinking of selling it. If you know someone who will buy hair for nice price please let me know.

How about you? Do you have other recommendation what to do with my hair?

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6 thoughts on “Straight Long Black Thick Hair FOR SALE?

  1. Jay Ann Rose Perano says:

    Hi. Since you have a long nice hair, why don’t you try perming it for a change? I’m sure it’ll look good on you =)


  2. Roselle says:

    My mom was the one who cut my hair until first year high school. I still remember the first time we went to a salon to have my hair cut and that moment gave me a nice feeling because that was also the first time I had a layered hairstyle. It was always straight cut since I was a kid. Hehehe.

    What’s you’re current hairstyle? Have you tried dyeing your hair?

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