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Being too busy at work makes us physically stress, that stress causes acne and acne triggers more stress, so it’s a very vicious cycle. On a medical explanation, when you are under pressure, your skin produces stress hormones that stimulate your oil glands to produce more oils. So, what causes acne? Mainly the overproduction of oil; blocked hair follicles that don’t allow the said oil to leave the pore, which often results in a clogged pore; and the growth of bacteria inside the hair follicles called acnes.

In my case, I have a combination skin type with visible blackheads over my nose and experiencing occasional breakouts. These occasional breakouts resulted from being lazy on my skin care routine. Lazy nights wherein you don’t want to do anything but to sleep, the most rewarding thing that I can do for myself after long hours of work.

One of the fastest ways to control and clear off acne aside from using various skin care product is to visit a dermatology clinic. Gladly, I was invited to try the newly opened derm clinic at Paliparan Dasmarinas City, Cavite – the Skin Palace.

Skin Palace

Skin Palace

Skin Palace started to operate this year month of March. They are offering affordable skin treatment such as facials, hair removal, slimming and many more.

Skin Place beauty products

Skin Palace’s recommended beauty products

Since I have noticeable acnes they offered me the Kaiya Facial and Glycolic Diamond Peeling. Below are the step by step procedures.

Skin Palace Kaiya Facial

Kaiya Facial (Basic Facial) | 299php

1. First wash, cleansing scrub with massage
2. Second wash
3. Pat dry
4. Apply toner that matches my skin
5. Steam
6. Extraction of black heads, white heads and acnes (expect for mild pain and minimal bleeding)
7. Use of erythromycin toner before and after extraction
8. Clay mask
9. Final wash
10. High frequency

Skin Palace Glycolic Diamond Peeling

Glycolic Diamond Peeling | 300php

1. Wash
2. Glycolic acid solution
3. Wait for 2 minutes
4. Wash until no stinging sensation
5. Pat dry
6. Diamond peeling on face
7. Diamond peel on eyes, corners of the nose and lips.

During the session, I was a bit anxious about the equipment that was going to be used on my face.  I can’t stop but asked them first if it will cause pain or not. The good thing was, the nurses were very approachable and knowledgeable on every questions I asked. The nurse informed me very well on what she was doing and what products she was applying on my face.

After the session, my face looks clearer, feels so smooth and free from hard bumps. I feel more confident even without wearing makeup. However, since comedone extraction was done expect to see small fresh wound depending on the size of extracted acne.

After 6 hours (12 midnight) I noticed that my face became darker. It looks like I stayed too long under the sun when in fact the facial session was finished at 6pm. And at 6 in the morning before I took a bath, I saw the big difference between my face and my body’s skin tone. Using my all-time whitening soap Kojic, I also felt a burning sensation on my face that I can’t bear longer so that I had to wash off the soap quickly.

I was worried about these so I talked to one of their nurses. She advised me to wait for the micro peeling effect, use sunblock and don’t stay too long under the sun. For three days, I just used Pond’s facial wash moisturizer, sunblock and light makeup. During these three days I also stopped using skin care products that might cause burning sensation.

Skin Palace Review After 1 to 2 Weeks

First and second week after the treatment. (front view)

Sorry for my dry lips haha! As you see, my face gets darker during the first week and it lightens after 2 weeks.

Skin Palace Review After 2 Weeks

First and second week after the treatment. (side view)

Big bumps on my left cheek reappeared again but it dried up after 2 weeks.

This was my first time to experience facial treatment on a dermatology clinic. For a first timer, I was worried on the result during the first week. But after 2 weeks of continuous use of sunblock and proper skin care I felt happy when my face lighten again, the pimples on my cheek dried up and I gained more confidence to show off my bare skin.


  • Do not to wash your face atleast 12 to 24 hours to give more time for the medicine to take effect.
  • Use sunblock and moisturizer.
  • Do not stay too long under the sun.
  • For a better and longer effect result, completing 3 sessions (2 weeks interval) is recommended.

Skin Palace Signage

Skin Palace
Address: 2/F Blk 5 Lot 9 Mabuhay Commercial, Paliparan 3 Dasmariñas, Cavite
Contact No.: 09164769488

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