Samsung GT-E1272 Basic Phone Review

5 Things I Love About Samsung GT-E1272

I would say that it was too hard to live without a cell phone when my Sony Xperia E was lost last month. It was very hard to communicate to other people especially when you needed them most. And because I don’t have yet a budget to buy a new smartphone I just bought a basic phone instead – the Samsung GT-E1272.

Samsung GT-E1272 Basic Phone Review

I bought this at SM Appliance for Php 1,490. There are many basic phones cheaper than this, however I will still give my trust on the branded one.

And there are 5 things I love about this Samsung GT-E1272.

1. Dual sim support

This is better for person-on-the-go, instead of using two cellphones with different network. There is no need to turn-off your phone just to change the sim card and insert another sim.

2. Entertainment-On-The-Go

Even without MP3 player, I can still enjoy my jogging routine while listening to my favorite radio station.

3. Battery last all day

Of all the 3, this is my favorite thing about Samsung basic phones. The battery of this phone can stay upto one week for a regular usage of text message and call. No need to charge every day.

4. Easy to use

It doesn’t hang and I can type and send a text message  faster than my previous smartphone.

5. Flip

I find this so cute and fun. It looks like a Korean phone.

What basic phone have you already used?

6 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Samsung GT-E1272

  1. Anonymous says:

    No.3 is my favorite too, but i am user of samsung b310e not e1272. This phone (GT e1272) still too feminine in my perspective,

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