Day in the Life of Riza as Private Duty Nurse

After taking the board exam 2 weeks akong vacant and naghahanap ng job. Then my tito referred me to his friend in the office kasi need nila ng Private Duty Nurse. At first ayoko kasi 5k a month lang ang salary and stay in, syempre kahit libre food eh ang tanong, yung working hours naman? And when I computed the expenses halos katulad din naman pala sa nagwowork ng minimun wage, kasi sa minimum wage ang trabaho, they will be the one to shoulder their transportation and food. Eh pag nagstay-in naman ako buo ko naman makukuha ung salary ko and hindi ko na poproblemahin pa ang transpo and food ko. So after realizing that tinanggap ko na din yung offer sakin.

My patient’s name was Lola L, 80 years old, bedridden with a gastric tube. She’s very thin and her hair is a combination of black and white.

Every morning as early as 6 o’clock kaylangan na syang linisan at palitan ng diaper, i-bed bath, change ng clothes and bed sheet, turn her to another position, change her dressing site (stomach) and marami pa. If may time pa I need to move her arms and legs to improve her blood circulation. Very dependent talaga si Lola ang kaya nya na lamang gawin was to whisper sounds if she feel in pain. Kaya nya din magsalita but just a few words only.

medication card written by my self
Osterized feeding is needed every 4 hours round the clock. In between every 4 hours meron pang medicines na binibigay and of course vital signs taking. She had 12 different medicines to take all in all.
Siguro 4 hours a day lang ang tulog ko cause I need to check her first and prepare her food and medicines na gagamitin for the next day. Every night ang sakit ng katawan ko lalo na yung mga binti ko sa kakalakad at kakatayo maghapon. Although mahirap, masaya ko sa naging work ko cause I learned a lot of things as a nurse. 
This was my picture during funeral wake. My patient died after 1 month that I took care of her, she died because of cancer. Nung una nahirapan akong tanggapin na wala na sya. Tinanong ko ang Diyos bakit hindi Niya tinupad ang prayer ko to extend her life. Well, I forgot na lahat tayo ay darating talaga sa point na mawawala sa mundo. And it’s either we will see the Lord and live the everlasting life with Him in heaven or live on everlasting suffering in hell.

12 thoughts on “Day in the Life of Riza as Private Duty Nurse

  1. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    When I see patients like that lola who’s thin and so old, I think I’d melt. This is why I can’t really stay long in a hospital. My heart is not strong enough and I can’t work as a nurse that takes miscellaneous jobs for patients only to find out they will be gone – soon. :'(

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      You’re so fast on giving comment kakapost ko lang meron agad hehe. Anyway, me too wants to cry every time I take care of her needs, but I need to hide my feelings for a while to make my job well.

  2. jsncruz says:

    Are you still thinking of continuing being a private duty nurse after this? The compensation is terrible 🙁 and I don’t feel too sure about the picture during the wake as well.. :

  3. GilCamporazo says:

    After successfully passing the NLE with emotion, you are now applying what you have learned as a nurse. This is a great experience for you. It;s good you have applied what you’ve got being a private nurse for a granny.

  4. algene may cutamora says:

    You did a great thing out there, sis! Your patient, wherever she may be now, is probably happy for having known you. For sure, you took good care of her.

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