Review | Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner

These Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner were included on the prizes from a contest I won before. My long hair that month (last July) seems to be dying. It was  giving me signs that I am already in need of a new hairstyle as it turns to be frizzy, dry, has visible split ends and unmanageable plus the heat surrounding pushes me to cut my hair into short. So when I saw that the prizes were hair products I strived hard to win these as it seems these will help my hair to bring back my smooth and shiny hair look. It gave me the feeling that “this is perfect for me!”.


From the photo above, the shampoo and conditioner comes in a black bottle with a fliptop cap. For me the black and white packaging really looks professional as stated under the brand name “Professional Performance”. It also gives me an impression of “sossyness” (may pagkasosyal) because of its brand name “Syoss” that sounds like “syossial” (sosyal) for me.


I decided not to take photos of the product information about the conditioner because the label fades already and not readable at all.


– Shampoo and conditioner cost Php99.00/190ml each.

– SM department stores and Watsons.


-It doesn’t have a strong scent, you can’t smell the products at all unless you closely lean forward your nose closer.
-For me, this has a mild floral fruity sweet scent.


☑ I find it affordable.  Small bottle (190ml) for only P99.00 which can last you for more than a month.

☑ When my hair was cut into pixie all the split ends were also removed. I’m happy that these products doesn’t bring back my split ends.

☑ While it lathered up alright and seemed to spread through my hair easily.


☒ I wish the scent will last for more hours.

☒ I didn’t feel like it cleans my hair very well.

☒ I always get this weird waxy buildup on my roots.

☒ These seems that these products build up as a way of creating volume. But with fine hair like mine, it just makes it feel gross and sticky. My hair was difficult to comb at the middle of the day and doesn’t make my hair looks shiny.

☒ After using it for 2 weeks, my scalp got very very itchy – I could not stop scratching my head. These irritated my scalp and gave me dandruff which I never had before. Flakes are really visible at the top of my forehead.

☒ Gave me break out at the back of my neck.


✌I got these free from a contest but still I will not buy for a new one.


-2.5 / 5

-I didn’t experience the result of what the product is claiming that it cleanses hair (in fact it gave me dandruffs) and moisturizes dry and coarse hair (made my hair hard to comb and sticky).

-As you can see most of my feedbacks were negative. If you’re like me that has a sensitive scalp I will not recommend these Syoss Moisture Intensive Care shampoo and conditioner.

-I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about their other variant of shampoo. Maybe I should try my luck if that will work better than these.

-I’m not telling you not try these because “what might not work for me, might work on your side and what might work for me, might not work on you” (hope you get my point).

120 thoughts on “Review | Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Mommy Pehpot says:

    you know what.. I am really afraid trying out new products for my hair.. in fact, I was stuck with my old shampoo for 15 years! and it was only a few years back that I realized the shampoo is causing me a lot of flakes.. now I try to be more observant with the hair products I use but still having a hard time trying out new products..

    reviews such as this is very helpful specially to people like me who’s afraid of trying out new hair products.

  2. ♣ lily ♣ says:

    That’s why I am always doubtful in trying out “new” products. Thanks for the honest review. I might try this if ever someone will give me samples but I won’t be purchasing one anytime soon. Stick muna ako sa current shampoo and conditioner ko. 🙂

  3. Ria Cervantes says:

    That’s a very afforadble shampoo iha. I havne’t seen that brand yet. Most of my shampoos do not contain “sulfate” and I try to buy shampoos without that ingredient. I usually stick to the organic ones like Organix and Kin.

  4. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    Sometimes, the cheapest ones might just waste your money.. but sabi nila it’s from a good brand daw..but Idk. I bought their hair coloring 2 boxes – ugh. Didn’t even tried using the first box at all. I hated it. (when I did a strand test – didn’t really means what it says from the box)

  5. Pinx says:

    Good review sis! At least you’ve stated out what you did not like as it is very important for readers to know info like those you’ve mentioned. And like what you’ve said, some products work for you and for others don’t and vice versa. I haven’t seen that brand here and even with so many organic and regular shampoos available, I am still afraid to try a new one because it might worsen my hair fall.

  6. Jonas Labagala says:

    Thanks for your review. I’m afraid to try new shampoo as it may give an itch to my head and I really don’t like it! Good thing I read this one. I’ll still stick to what I’m used to. 🙂

  7. candyzmakeuptreasures says:

    I like Syoss shampoo and conditioner sis. I’ve tried the Repair Therapy (The one with pink label). Good thing I did not try that Moisture Intensive Care. I have sensitive scalp.

    By the way, I saw Watsons having ongoing SALE for that Moisture Intensive Care shampoo and conditioner last week.

  8. Casey Lindberg-Coghill says:

    That’s great that it’s affordable, but I hate when products don’t clean my hair well and seem to leave build-up. Thanks for an honest review so we can make an educated decision about whether to purchase for ourselves.

  9. Serena says:

    Any shampoo which gives you dandruff deserves to be chucked into the bin! I remember when i used dove and i had this really bad case of dandruff. So i shifted to clear and i love it! It makes my hair soft, keeps it clean and dandruff free! But you’ll have to use a shine conditioner since it doesn’t make your hair shine. <3

  10. Deann says:

    This shampoo didn’t work for me, I got a heavy dandruff last month. And tried this shampoo for about 3 weeks, the thing is my scalp breaks out! So this shampoo is not a good dandruff shampoo. :/

  11. wesharebeauty says:

    with all honesty, I think you should change your shampoo…when I used to live in the Netherlands, Syoss is not very popular product..when I read the ingredient list, I knew why…and you should be careful cause the smooth sensation you get after washing your hair with Syoss could be from silicone that coating your hair instead of natural ingredient that is ACTUALLY make your hair soft…so it’s just some sort of camouflage to make the consumer think they have smooth and silky hair but actually they dont….my suggestion is to be more careful with ingredient and do research about the product instead of just eating the marketing bullsh*t all up 🙂

  12. Donah @ SweetJellyBean says:

    Oh itchy is definitely not good. I have a very sensitive scalp and have been switching from the normal shampoo to organic ones – have you tried L’Oreal shampoo called EverPure? Apparently they now have this and it’s SLS free 🙂 it smells gorge too

  13. Jane says:

    Hi! I’m from Venezuela, and I’ve been using Syoss products for a while, and I’ve never had any issue with it. My hair is straight and it’s not super thick, but it’s been dyed like a bazillion times, and now that I’m trying to bring some life back to it, I’ve been experimenting with different products, and so far, so good with this brand. I bought several bottles of this, and other presentations of Syoss shampoos, something like a hair cerum and a limited edition intensive moisturiser spray, and I’m pretty happy with it. I switched to a l’oreal shampoo later on (because I like changing hair products every couple of months, I believe this helps my hair not “get used” to a product -grandma’s sayings lol!) but I still use the spray moisturiser, and I recommend it 100%. I have no idea why you got that itching, and the weird build-up, but it may be the fact that your hair is not super dry, like mine is, or that you’d be better off trying some other products of the line. Greetings!

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      Hi Jane! You’re right that my hair is not super dry. I also tried other Syoss products such as the hair color and it really works on me. However, this one didn’t worked out. I also tried other shampoo brand but I experienced the same issue. Now, I switched back to my favorite shampoo, which is Dove. I’m not a fan of hair spray but I will try to look some reviews about it. Thanks for visiting!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi po…san po b meron PNG syoss?? Wla n kc d2 S sm southmall…lahat ng malapit n mall d2 pinunthan ko n wla akong mabilhan…sana po may sumagot salamat po..

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