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Finally, I was able to do a product review about Glory of New York Heal Cream. I received this Heal Cream from a contest I won from Ms. Bing Castro’s Meet and Greet and Glory of New York is one of her sponsors. The GNY Heal Cream stocked in my closet for 1 month cause I don’t have any kind of wound that time. Until I discovered that it is not only for wound’s healing process but it has other uses too so I decided to use it. I’m using this for over a month so I think I have the right now to say my opinion and experiences.

Product Information (from Glory of New York Website)

The desert succulent Aloe Vera plant has been known and used throughout history for its hydrating, softening and anti-inflammatory qualities. Aloe vera heal cream is made from organically grown pure, green natural leaves without adding any chemicals or additives. It is viscous and colorless, and is soluble in water and other organic solvents.


Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in the treatment of skin disorders. Aloe Vera heal cream is a natural and complete everyday skin care.

Direction for uses:
Simply apply the cream anywhere on the body including face, neck and hands. Let the cream get absorbed . First it turns into a thin flaky white layer. This is normal. Give it some time and it will slowly become a moistures, transparent and invisible film that supplies nutrients and curing properties to skin. If the initial flakiness bothers you during day time, you can also use it at night time and wash it off in the morning.



For me, it looks so classy in its white glass jar while the product information written on silver color. Manufacturing, expiry date and directions for use are written. Though, other information like the product’s action, indication and ingredients are not included. When you opened the tub, it’s sealed with this sturdy plastic seal to maintain product’s freshness and avoid spills. However, when using it for a long time the top of the seal will be greasy too. The product name easily fades upon rubbing on it.
What is written on the jar and in the website about its Direction for use is written in different words but still with the same thought. If you’re going to look at it in the jar it looks like a butter that has a little amount of oil over it. I prefer to use Heal Cream every night after washing my face. Putting a lot ofHeal Cream on your face will be resulted in an oily face look. I also use this as a moisturizer in daytime but just in a minimal amount.

✔ Classy and secure packaging.
✔ For me it’s something like a menthol scent but really mild which I love.
✔ Goes on smoothly, softens the skin well.
✔ Can be used in the place of a regular moisturizer for very troubled skin types.
✔ Lessen dark circles under my eyes.
✔ It reduces my acnes on my forehead.
✔ It has amazing anti-inflammatory effect.
✔ It promotes faster healing of my wound and bruises.
✔ Helps to protect delicate, healing skin while it soothes and minimizes redness.
✔ Suitable for all adult skin types.
✔ No allergic reaction happened.

✘ Pricey for those who are tight budget. (P1,440.00)
✘ Bottle is a bit heavy so if you’re travelling, might as well transfer it to a smaller and lighter weight bottle or mini containers.
✘ The scent even if it’s mild, might be an issue to some.
✘ No spatula, may be an issue again tosome people.
✘ Has greasy oily feeling if used with large amount.
Where to buy?

Instagram: @gloryofnewyork_ph
WeChat/ Kakao: QueenLiberty
Viber/ SMS: (+63) 906-3460400

I am giving this Heal Cream a score of 4 out of 5. I was really amazed with Glory of New York Heal Cream. It helps me to reduce my acnes and lessen the darkness under my eyes. It also helped my bruises (due to carelessness) to heal faster.
How about you? Have you tried this Heal Cream or any product from Glory of New York?

20 thoughts on “Review | Glory of New York Heal Cream

  1. Hainrihi says:

    Wow, so this is only available abroad but not available here? I want to try this for my scars and wounds since I have skin asthma and I always have scars. I really want to try this. 🙂

  2. Aegeane Brioso says:

    Does it really lessen the dark circles under the eyes? Im really suffering on eyebags, and its really annoying 🙁 Im currently using olay aquaction and it moisturizes deeply my skin. It also makes my skin soft and less prone to acne. 🙂 I wanted to try this after I finish my tub. Thanks for the review!!

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