The Reason Behind a Girl’s New Short Haircut

If you are a lady that has a waist length hair I know that you will not easily give up for a new hairdo. Probably, you are not sure if a short cut would look good on you. Perhaps you are scared of a step this extreme and don’t want to shock your friends and lovedΒ ones.

From a waist length hair I asked a hairdresser to cut my hair 2 inches above because I’m not really prepared to give up my hair. And finally, I took the courage after several days and several reasons of getting a real short haircut.

Some says behind a new short haircut is a girl who is a broken hearted. Hmmm? But definitely I’m not. The very reason I decided to have a short haircut is because I can’t really managed well my long hair. It was not so soft and straight as before. Every time I woke up in the morning my hair got frizzy. One sachet of shampoo was not enough and it really needed 2 to 3 sachets of conditioner too. And because of that I always took a bath for an hour to make it sure I rinsed off my hair very well.

When I’m in a rush going to work I find it hard to comb my hair quickly. Most of day if I don’t have a choice and if I don’t want to be late I just brush my hair inside a public transportation. There were also many hair fall every time I brush my hair. And from time to time I need to comb it if I don’t want my hair like a witch’s hair. These are the reason behind my new short haircut.

So last week, before the day of the Meet and Greet of Bing Castro I quickly browsed from Google the different short and medium hair styles. After I chose and saved two photos in my phone I rushed into a hair salon. Here was the photo (bob hairstyle) I showed to the hairdresser that I would like to achieve.
And now! Here is my new short haircut! Cha-ran!

I’m not really satisfied with this because the hairdresser didn’t make the same haircut in the photo I showed to him. He said this is a layered haircut. However, I don’t regret it. Hair grows I just really have to take care of it again. By the way the haircut fee cost of only 30 pesos. Not bad haha! I was able to have a manicure and pedicure too! I will make another post about it.

Some of my friends and relatives didn’t like my new haircut and some said they liked it. Well for me I liked it more.

I felt I begun a new chapter in my life. It saves more time. Imagine jumping into the shower and getting out twice as fast. Drying time for my sweet new hairdo is cut in less than half. It dries faster. No strenuous combing out the tangles and long brushing sessions. As in effortless!

It saves my money on hair products. Less shampoo and conditioner is needed. It makes me look younger. It feels liberating. No more tangles, no danger of dreadlocks or witch look if I don’t brush it constantly. I feel my head becomes lighter.

Ladies if you are afraid of a very drastic change, then do it gradually, inch by inch. Perhaps start with a longer bob or layered shag style; a few weeks later have it cut to chin length. From there it is an easy step to get a trendy short crop or even a pixie cut. To find out how you will actually look without your long hair, try out some of the new software that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and test-wear several hairstyles.

If you’re in my situation, after considering all this, how many reasons can you find NOT to cut your hair?

60 thoughts on “The Reason Behind a Girl’s New Short Haircut

  1. Sumi Go | ThePurpleDoll.Net says:

    Shorter hair looks really nice on you! πŸ™‚ And yes, you do look younger with short hair! Anyway, I’ve grown my hair to waist length too late last year. But I think I don’t easily get attached with hairstyles, so I can easily give up my locks for a new do. πŸ˜€ I haven’t tried getting super short hair ala boy cut, but I’d love to give it a try some day. ‘Pag medyo pumayat na ko! Haha :))

  2. Michael Macalos says:

    personally, I think the shorter hair looks great on you. The length and the style fits you well especially in your facial structure. mas nag bloom and shine ka sa hair na yan! haha kaw na kaw na talaga :)). Agree ako dun sa pag ang babae nag pa iksi ng buhok ang kadalasang pumapasok sa isip eh kakagaling lang sa break up hehe. :))

  3. Jonas Ignatius Labagala says:

    You look better with short hair! At least you can save tons of money from shampoos and conditioner that you have to use everyday.

  4. Ellen Bernardino says:

    Nice hair you got! (pwera usog).. I envy girls with long straight hair, coz mine is wavy and unruly so I have to have it straightened or relaxed which is so …. magastos to maintain… lucky you hindi masyadong magastos ang maintenance ng straight hair.

  5. Aileen Joy Bobadilla says:

    You look nice. Shorter hair helps a girl to look younger. Before I have a hair almost long as yours. Then after college graduation, I decided to perm it. After 6 months I want to remove the perm so I went to get a haircut until my armpit. Then after a week I decided to cut it shorter. When I mean shorter, I mean Anne Hathaway shorter. Haha. It was a drastic move but I feel so light in that hair. Now, I’m just trying to grow it longer,then start the whole process, again. Enjoy your hair. Just a tip. Put your hair in a bun or braid before sleeping, this helps with preventing breakage. Sorry if this is long and don’t have sense. Haha. πŸ™‚

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      You make sense sis. I think it’s not applicable to bun or braid my hair now since it too short na. Sayang I don’t know about that before. Problem ko yan eh kaya eto nagpagupit na lang ako. Start again na lang.

  6. Borris Mabulay says:

    Honestly you look good with your old hair but your new hairdo is great as well. That’s just my opinion you know. lol

  7. Ria C says:

    I like your short hair style. It brightens up your face and it really looks good on you. You are much younger looking with shorter hair. πŸ™‚

  8. Teresa Martinez says:

    Once in a while, we get the urge to be different, to try something drastically new. Going from long to short hair can be one of them and we just need to enjoy it. You look good in both and you can go back to long hair anytime you want to with just a little more time , that is.

  9. Leilani Gamboa says:

    Ang hirap imaintain ng long hair,,,I like your new look better sis. You have made a big transformation which is good. I guess it will add more sophisticated look if you will try to color your hair πŸ™‚

  10. GilCamporazo says:

    What you feel is natural. You will be get hurt for you have been nurturing such long hair for several years and many of your friends, acquaintances and even member of your family are already used to it. But we should be practical, everything has to change for the better or even for the worse. Anyway accept the fact, the reality. You’re much lucky for you’ve a long hair. Unlike those others who are, let’s put plainly, bald and couldn’t grow hair. In the long run, you will use to it and also your closed persons in your life. Nice hair, believe me.

  11. Eyah says:

    agreee,, kya din ako nagpagupit kasi ang gastos na sa shampoo.. I feel like mag ka length tayo ng hair before permed lang yung akin.. ang yung isang tube ng conditioner is good for 4 days lang.

    πŸ™‚ medyo di lang ako sanay pagnagsusuklay feeling ko bitin πŸ™‚

  12. Filipino Bloggers WW says:

    bagay yung short hair. sometimes we need a new look for a change, tutal madali namang magpahaba ulit ng hair. 30 pesos is a real good price.

  13. Lilibeth Torres says:

    If I have a hair as long as yours, I would have it curled instead. Though it’s a bit harder to manage. πŸ˜‰

  14. mtrguanlao says:

    I don’t know why I am always afraid to make experiments when it come to what and how to cut my hair,hehe! But now I really wanted a shot hair, hope it fits my looks,lol!

  15. Yamito Uytingco Calamba says:

    Your new look isn’t that bad. And hello? for 30 pesos?! SAAN YAN? hahaha The lowest rate of my haircut costs 50 pesos. HAHA πŸ˜‰

  16. nadine says:

    Wow, that’s indeed a step forward! I haven’t gotten myself a haircut for like, 2 years I think that my hair is as long as yours in your before picture. I just feel kind of bad of having it cut although at the back of my mind I want to try a new hairdo! The haircut you got is superb! Salons tend to overprice when you have longer hair especially for treatments, but yours wasn’t bad at all! now i want to try getting a new haircut too!

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