PhytoMax Test a Heart Check Up for Only 3 Minutes!

Did you remember when was the day I played basketball? Yup that was 2 days ago and I told you that was unplanned. There was a story behind that day that pushed me to stand away on my working chair and move my body.
It’s almost 2 weeks that I’ve been experiencing palpitation even when I do nothing. So inside the clinic I checked-up myself using the PhytoMax Pulse Monitor. If you don’t know what is PhytoMax Pulse Monitor just click here. By the way I’m currently working as a nurse in PhytoPharma Inc. I am trained in using the machine and also on interpreting the result to the client. 
As I said I checked-up myself then after 3 minutes I got shocked with my result. I made a retest to verify if it’s really Type 3 but unfortunately I got the same result. On my previous tests my result just fall on between Type 1 and Type 2 only.

There are 7 types of result, Type 1 means excellent, 2 good, 3 aging start, 4 caution, 5 poor, 6 very poor and Type 7 means at risk (worst result). So what type I got? I got Type 3 for the first time within 4 months of consulting myself on the machine. So here’s my snap photo of my PhytoMax Test result.

I cannot explain all parts of the PhytoMax Test result here, it seems too complicated. So I will just highlight some parts.

(the back page of PhytoMax Test explaining the result)
The reason why I‘m experiencing palpitation is because my overall heart function is starting to deteriorate. I could not blame anyone for this, this is my fault. I abused my body for the past few weeks. I sleep late, don’t give time for exercise, sits on my working chair most of the time, and I always eat my favorite fatty foods.
So I decided to change my lifestyle gradually. I get back to playing basketball and planning to jog at least once or twice a week. I also give up my lunch for eating vegetable instead of pork and meats that I usually eat. I started to sleep at least 12 in the midnight instead of 2 in the morning (2 hours earlier, not bad right?) And the rest of my usual routine remains the same.
After 2 days of changing some of my usual eating habits, sleeping patterns and  other sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle here is my reward! I’m so excited to share my happiness! Here it is! (drumline) Eto tunay na talaga. From a result of Type 3 last Monday (June 24) it turns into Type 1 today (June 26)! Yahoo!!! I’m so happy!

So what is Aging Vascular Health? It is classified according to the aging process of the vessels starting from Type 1 up to Type 7. It displays the vascular state distributed in terms of percentage (%).
Type 1 shows excellent blood circulation and vascular state
Type 2 blood circulation and vascular state is good but may go bad
Type 3 aging of blood vessels is starting
Type 4 vascular aging is processing, it is time to take caution
Type 5 blood circulation is starting to get poor
Type 6 blood circulation disorder has started very bad
Type 7 blood circulation is getting worst, you are now at risk
About Stress Level
Physical Stress – It represents one’s physical state. The lower – the ideal, if normal – your balanced and if high – will lead to fatigue.
Mental Stress – It represents one’s mental state. The lower – the ideal, if normal – your balanced and if high – will lead to fatigue.
Stress Resistance – the higher, the better – represents the stability on how well the body is able to handle or control against internal and external stresses, physical and mental stress. Your stress resistance must be more than or equal to the sum of your mental and physical stress.
What is Wave TypeIt represents the level type that has the highest percentage (%) distribution during the Level Analysis. It corresponds to the present status of the patient’s blood circulation. (Patients with Type 4-7 reading, must consult a doctor)
How much is PhytoMax Test? It’s 300 pesos.
For more information please visit their website
You can also visit PhytoPharma Cavite located at the front of Dasmarinas City Hall.
Though I am working with PhytoPharma Inc. I am not paid for doing this blog. It is my own desire to share this information to help others in taking care of their health.

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  1. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    it’s great that you change your lifestyle and had the determination to improve your health and fitness.

  2. Mrs. Kolca says:

    This is a very good health entry. I learned something about phytomax and now I know I should eat less fatty foods, rest well and not abuse my body. Cool!

  3. Imdeb says:

    You just shared a nice health related’s indeed a great help for those who don’t know enough about all this staff like me.thanks for the share.

  4. Borris Mabulay says:

    It’s never too late to start changing our lifestyle than what we can do now instead of later or tomorrow. A small changes you do right now will become big in the long run.

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