Perk Me Up Giveaway Winner

Perk Me Up Giveaway has ended 2 days ago. Thanks to my collab mates Jean Monique Sanchez of Bonjour Bella and Cheryl Zamora of Goddess in Disguise for their efforts in making this giveaway! Thanks also for those who participate. As for now I would like to announce the blessed winner of Perk Me Up Giveaway! Are you excited?

Congratulations to Helen Gatbonton!

You won the following items:

4 Sachets Leisure 18 Slimming Choco
1 Pack Phyto Cranberry
Pcs Excel Paris Matte Lipsticks

Nail Art Stamping Kit

Glittery Blue Hair Clamp

Pair of Earrings
Blue Heart Necklace
3 Phytomax Test P300.00 each Gift Certificates
3 Blisters Phyto Expose D3
2 Sachets Green Coffee Bean Extract
Zeal Nutritious Powder Drink
Voucher for Aromacology Cold Wax

I’ll ship your prizes next week! And for those who didn’t win just join and join until you got it! Don’t worry I still have 6 giveaways for you!

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