notd while waiting

NOTD | While Waiting…

Another long weekend has ended here in the Philippines. Most of the Filipinos grabbed the opportunity to travel in different places. Of course, I didn’t waste the days too.

The bad thing was, my travel buddy didn’t show up on time. He wasn’t yet finish on his commitment with others. I felt so mad at him on the first few minutes. But I realized that he didn’t want this to happen. So instead of being mad, I just chose to be relaxed by doing other things.

While waiting for my travel buddy, I went to my favorite restaurant in Cavite to eat lunch. I ate my favorite meal Sizzling Spicy Squid. And to lessen my temper I also ordered mango shake. I thought that after lunch he will be available but he was not.

Another must thing to do while waiting came out on my mind. It became the perfect time for me to go to a salon which I really planned and wanted to do long time ago. I spent another hour for a manicure and pedicure with foot spa.

notd while waiting

This time, I think I did a great job on choosing the right color for my nails. It was so relaxing sitting on a couch while someone was prettifying my hand and toe nails. And finally after my pampering moment, my travel buddy was already available for our trip going to Tagaytay.

I realized that waiting for someone else won’t be wasted if you will just used that spare time wisely.

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