5 Reasons Why You Should Have WD My Cloud

5 Reasons Why You Should Have WD My Cloud

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When we talk about storage capacity, people usually want what is best for them. Most people need a large storage capacity according to their needs. The cyber world has made progress extensively. People use computers for everything they do these days. This allows them to store anything they research on, their favorite music, personal files etc. over their computers, tablets or mobiles. People usually have external hard drives to increase their storage capacity.

The internet gets piled up with questions every day. People ask questions on how to increase their storage capacity. Usually, they search for such devices that can prove to be helpful in this process.

They ask questions like:
• Which device has the maximum storage capacity?
• Where can I get an external storage device?
• Which device can help me to store my extra files?

These questions are common when you do all your work on your computer. However, if you need to fulfill your storage capacity needs, the WD My Cloud is worth trying. In this article, we will explain the advantages of WD My Cloud and why it can be useful in fulfilling your storage needs:

Advantages of WD My Cloud

1. Portable storage
You can go anywhere in the world. Your files and storage will still be with you on your synced devices. You can access your stored data from all around the world.

2. Automatic backup
Your files will be backed up automatically. This allows you to have a copy of all your files even if they are lost somehow. You would not have to create those files again. This can be a huge advantage if you have family data saved on the storage.

3. Personal collection
You can store your personal and family collection separately. You family media files, pictures, music and many other files are completely safe and secure with My Cloud. You can store these files on My Cloud and search through them with all your synced devices.

 4. Tablets and smartphones
Your tablets and smartphones can be used to access all the files you have. This can make sure that you have all the right files at the right time.

5. Synchronization
You can easily sync this storage with any of your devices. This allows you to have the same files on all your computers, tablets, smartphones etc. You do not have to take My Cloud everywhere. You can access the files through your mobile as well.

Tips on Cleaning up
You can easily clean up the digital mess you have made through My Cloud. All the cache files and access files can be removed. You can easily assemble your documents in a folder. With up to 3TB of storage, this process is made quite easy and effective. You won’t have to deal with access files anymore.

Why choose My Cloud?
My cloud offers a large storage capacity and other features which keeps you connected with your files. With My Cloud, storing files and using them at the right time has been made easy and quick.

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