My 2015 Goals

Planner Update: My 2015 Goals

I’m so happy that before January end, I was able to finish writing my 2015 goals in my Belle de Jour Power Planner. This is my first time that I wrote my target goals for one year in a sheet of paper. Well, I had also written my goals before but it was already in the middle of the year and it was not so specific like this one.

My 2015 Goals

Vision Statement

1. To help my family become financially stable.

Being a bread winner isn’t that easy. That’s why I am always aiming for a career that could provide my family’s financial needs.

2. Be a good steward of my earnings and give a portion of it to support our church (the word change in the photo above is a typo error).

In the past years, the first thing I do every time I get my salary was shopping. I spend my earnings mostly for myself without having a limitation and then at the end of the day I always asked myself, “Where my money goes?”, “What happened?”

So this year, I will make sure to prioritize first what’s “most needed” before spending for my “wants”.

3. A better version of myself.

There is no one I should compete but only myself.

Personal Life Goals

1. Avoid getting burned out easily.

There are times that I’m so inpatient even on the things I shouldn’t. Lord, please give me more patience please…

2. Read back my old nursing books.

I would like to be prepared in case I will work in a hospital.

3. Be always thankful and give glory to our Lord.

4. Always wear a smile.

Wearing a smile is better than wearing a makeup.

5. Limit my time applying makeup for one hour only.

Mapabahay man o mapaboarding house ako ang pinakamatagal mag-ayos. Even though I’m the first person who takes a bath I’m still the last person that go outside. Now it’s time to put a limit on myself and be on time on my work, on a meeting or in an occasion.

My 2015 Goals - Vision Statement, Personal, Financial, Health, and Career Goals

Financial Goals

1. Get out of debt.

2. Setup a savings account.

3. Save Php 12,000.

4. Save up for a vacation.

5. Earn higher.

Health Goals

1. Buy running shoes and run once a week.

2. Avoid eating pork’s fat and chicken skin.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

4. Increase water intake.

5. Go to the dentist every 6 months.

Career Goals

1. Be a regular employee in my current job.

2. Work abroad

3. Work in a hospital

4. Get my TOR and take another licensure examination (LET).

My 2015 Goals - Relationship Goals, Blogging Goals, Someday, Maybe

Relationship Goal

1. Help when someone is asking for it.

2. Meet new friends.

3. Maintain a good relationship with other people.

4. Have a deeper relationship with God through quiet time.

Blogging Goals

1. Be regular in posting.

2. Write articles that will affect my readers.

3. Increase the number of readers.

4. Read and study tips given by professional bloggers.

Someday I will (be a)…

1. Popular Blogger

2. Hospital Nurse

3. Licensed Teacher

4. Work abroad


That’s all about my 2015 goals, what about yours?

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