My 2015 Goals Update

My 2015 Goals Update

My 2015 Goals Update

Revisiting My 2015 Goals post makes me a bit shocked because I just realized that I wrote so many things that I want to achieve this year. It gave me a question of how far or how many did I already achieved, still on process and the so far-so far to do. So be with me and let’s check my list.

Vision Statement

1. To help my family become financially stable.
So far the needs of my family are being provided enough through the help of my mother who’s working abroad and a bit share from my hard earned money.

2. Be a good steward of my earnings and give a portion of it to support our church.
There are times I can’t resist to buy makeup that are on sale. Looking forward to be more consistent on supporting our church financially.

3. A better version of myself.
Hmmmm…. Not so sure about this thing hahahaha!

Personal Life Goals

1. Avoid getting burned out easily.
Just minimized a little bit. I still get easily burned out but I can still manage it.

2. Read back my old nursing books.
I didn’t opened any of my old nursing books. When I just need to recall something about health I just rely through reading it online.

3. Be always thankful and give glory to our Lord.
Needs improvement.

4. Always wear a smile.
Yes I did even there is no reason why I am smiling.

5. Limit my time applying makeup for one hour only.
Exceedingly achieved! Not only one hour but I managed to cut my daily makeup routine for 20-30 minutes only.

Financial Goals

1. Get out of debt.
Half met. I finished paying my debt on my friends, the only thing remains is my monthly bill until next year coz I purchased a phone through my debit card.

2. Setup a savings account.
Not yet but I’m planning to do this on first week of September.

3. Save Php 12,000.
Exceeded! I just need to finish the one above to meet this goal.

4. Save up for a vacation.
Met and planning to save again for another round of vacation for 3 days.

5. Earn higher.
Met. Aside from my day job I am also earning because of this blog through Lazada Affiliate Program, ShareASale and others. Send me a message to know more how I am doing it.

Health Goals

1. Buy running shoes and run once a week.
I bought a running shoes from a thrift shop that only cost around 350 but I just run or jog inconsistently. Twice or thrice a month, sometimes none at all.

2. Avoid eating pork’s fat and chicken skin.
Failed. I can’t resist my craving.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Not so good on this.

4. Increase water intake.
Not also good on this.

5. Go to the dentist every 6 months.
Goal met. I just had my prophylaxis and filling last June.

Career Goals

1. Be a regular employee in my current job.
Congratulations to me! I got regularized last May.

2. Work abroad.
I tried going on an agency for job hiring on Dubai but I didn’t continue the next step. The offer is too low on my expectation.

3. Work in a hospital.
I didn’t try to send my resume.

4. Get my TOR and take another licensure examination (LET).
Not done and will be erasing this on my list. I don’t wanna be a licensed teacher anymore. I’m happier on my job now and I want to grow more on my current company

Relationship Goal

1. Help when someone is asking for it.
It depends on who’s asking for help and if I have time.

2. Meet new friends.
Greatly achieved! I am so happy every time I am with them especially on an event like this.

3. Maintain a good relationship with other people.
Sometimes good sometimes not.

4. Have a deeper relationship with God through quiet time.
I don’t want to be hypocrite but I’m not here yet.

Blogging Goals

1. Be regular in posting.
I’m doing badly here. My number of blog post per month is getting low low low low.

2. Write articles that will affect my readers.
Are you affected?

3. Increase the number of readers.
Yes, a bit.

4. Read and study tips given by professional bloggers.
Not so frequently but I’m still reading when I have time.

Someday I will (be a)…

1. Popular Blogger
New found friends is labelling me a legit and professional blogger, thanks for that compliment but I’m not on that yet.

2. Hospital Nurse
Hahaha! Sabi ng hindi pa nga! Ang kulit!

3. Licensed Teacher – cancelled (Read Career Goals No. 3)

4. Work abroad – cancelled (Read Career Goals No. 2)

That’s all about my 2015 goals update. How about yours?

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