Medical Caravan at Figaro Starmall, Las Pinas City

Hi! I just finished watching Eight Below. After watching I wanna own a dog too.  Have you watched it too? Moving on to the topic of this post, yesterday we conducted a Medical Caravan at Figaro Starmall, Las Pinas City.

This photo was captured by one of our client, here I was interpreting the result.
We also had the opportunity to be part of giving the anti-flu vaccine. I was also asked to give the vaccine to a bedridden patient. It’s almost 3 years the last time I hold a syringe and gave a medication to a patient. So too long! And guest what I said when I was asked to give the vaccine? I accepted the challenge! If you’ll just know how much I miss holding a syringe so I didn’t hesitate.
I and the bed ridden’s relatives took a tricycle going to their house. The patient was so aggressive but of course I hide my anxiousness and nervousness as a nurse. My hands were a little bit shaky while aspirating the vaccine from the vial. And the moment I injected the vaccine, an unexpected thing happened. OMG the patient bleed unusually in large amount. Hoping he had no contagious disease (cross finger). His 2 helpers got afraid that was supposed to vaccinate too but in the end they agreed and vaccinated.
After shaky feeling in my hands, the patient’s relative gave me this black wristwatch with diamonds. Waaah! I felt so glad and besides I really need a watch. Once again I feel being blessed.
When I get back in Figaro I shared my experiences to my co-worker while eating this bangus belly. And oh, I also received a lot of chocolates that I was craving for a long time.
The said event ended by 4 in the afternoon. Exactly waiting for a jeep to ride at the moment the rain started to fall. I forgot to bring my umbrella so I don’t have a choice but just to cover my head using my hand. I have low resistance so I’ll know I can easily get sick afterwards.
While on the jeepney I started to fall asleep. My head ached and I don’t feel well. When I got home I jumped into my bed without changing my clothes. I told you I easily get sick of just a simple rain. Luckily after 3 hours of sleep I feel better. Thanks to God.


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