Love Month Haul #FlashbackFriday

February is popular as the month of love. Lovers here, lovers there hahaha just kiddin! I was supposed to update my blog that time about the things happening to me, but I failed due to work overload. Fortunately, we have #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday to remember back the precious moments in our life. I know that these terms are to be partnered with vintage photos, but please allow me to use these even inappropriately.

For the past love month, I and my 2 co-teachers had a prevalentine date at SM. We just bought some personal things and had a dinner date at Mang Inasal. We also celebrated the 7th Foundation Day of Escuela De Leoneora, Inc. The flow of the program wasn’t good but not bad at all because I know that every students, teachers, faculty and parents still enjoy the event. Every grade level also prepared different booths for us to enjoy the Valentine’s Day with each other.

Of course, love month won’t be complete if there is no Junior and Senior Prom. I really had a great time seeing my students dressed in their beautiful gowns and in formal dress. We danced and really enjoy that evening! And when I got home my mom gave me something unexpected. What’s that?

Before that, my cellphone wasn’t functioning well enough so I was really praying to have a new one. I keep on saving money and looking for cellphone’s price on SM Department Store and different online shop. But in the end my savings were not still enough to buy a new phone. And that’s how I feel so amazed and blessed when my mom gave me a new Sony Xperia E! I didn’t ask her to buy me this phone and I really appreciate her so much for giving me this.


Aside from having a new phone I also bought these skin care products at Watsons.


Eskinol Cleanser Spot-less White, Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash, Celeteque Alcohol-free Toner, and Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash, Clean and Clear Moisturizer. Eskinol cleanser really works on my face, lighten my dark spots and lessen my pimples. I used celeteque’s skin analyzer and recommendation (http://www.celetequedermoscience.com/skinanalyzer-recommendation.html) then out of the products they recommend I gave a try on exfoliating facial wash and toner. While clean and clear essentials are the skin products that I have tried before and continuously giving me a positive result. These 5 are my trusted skin care products so far.

I also bought Shawill BB Cream, Shawill Eyeliner, Shawill Curlash, and Nichido Eyelash Adhesive.


My first ever BB Cream which is EnCara is giving me a white cast face everytime I used it so I look for a bb cream which is much darker and will suit my skin tone. After watching and reading some reviews I found Shawill BB Cream perfectly match on me. I’m also looking for a waterproof eyeliner and Genzel recommended the shawill eyeliner. Thanks to her I don’t have to worry anymore for smudging thingy. It’s also my first time to have my own eyelash curler.


My orange Rusty Lopez sandal don’t match with my dress I used on the Junior and Senior Prom so I bought this glitter sandal from Parisian. I’m such a huge fan of Parisian and I used my 10% coupon discount from my BDJ Planner when I pay.

Lastly, while paying this sandal; the SM Department Store staff offered me to have an SM Advantage Card. Since I love buying stuffs in SM, I think I will benefit on it so I decided to purchase this card.


I didn’t know before that SM Advantage Card is not only for buying items but this is also good for other services such as food, cinemas, travel and others. I just knew these things when I browsed the membership kit.

That’s all for my #FlashbackFriday! And I hope every month is always a love month for everybody. See you on my next haul post! 🙂

How about you? What’s your love month #FlashbackFriday?

16 thoughts on “Love Month Haul #FlashbackFriday

  1. jo-anne says:

    I always use my sm advantage card, I once accumulated 2,000.00 pesos worth of points! I didn’t even know I reached that amount already.

  2. Jessica Cassidy says:

    Look at the shopping haul you made 🙂 I love the sandal among the most and like the color too. It is always a plus to join a shopping/store reward programs 🙂 You can exchange points for goodies 🙂

  3. aiko borjaa says:

    hi 🙂 is celeteque facial wash and toner are good? i mean no zits after the long term of using this? yung current toner ko kasi everytime i used it, the other day may papatubong pimples ako..
    nice ng sandals.

  4. Roselle says:

    I’m eyeing on that Clean & Clear moisturizer since I’ve read it in a review. I want to find my HG moisturizer that’s why I want to try those that I’ve read.

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