How to Organize a MakeUp Kit

Makeup can often become a cluttered and disorganized mess. If you find yourself spending more time digging than you do applying makeup, you should keep reading for great tips to organize a makeup kit for your daily use as well as one for those special events.


1. Take time to find a large area where you can spread the materials that you are going to use. This isn’t a project to rush through.

2. Take out all of your makeup and skin care products and go through them. These are some of the most common items in a makeup kit:

3. Evaluate what you wear daily and what you don’t. Consider what you have time to apply and what is only used for special events. Be prepared to have 5-6 piles before you’re done. Gather your items into piles including:

Daily wear

Skin care

Special occasion

Seasonal (optional)

4. Dispose of anything that is old, broken or causes irritation. If it’s old, you should get rid of it. Old makeup collects bacteria, separates and may flake off or not apply as well.

5. Pack nail polish and remover in your daily kit if you do daily or frequent touch ups. Otherwise, put it in a nail kit and store elsewhere.

6. Look at your make up application tools. Are they sufficient? Dirty? Floating around in the bottom of a drawer or bag? These become dirty and bacteria filled quickly. Toss out any used sponge applicators that came with the makeup and invest in good washable brushes. Dispose of any dirty foundation sponges and powder puffs. By using clean brushes you can the life of your makeup by eliminating the amount of bacteria and oils you are introducing into it. Brush kits and brush bags are usually sold at mall makeup counters and makeup stores. The brush bags will keep your brushes organized, protect the brush ends from bending and keep your application tools clean.

7. Clean application tools as needed. Clean eye liner by rubbing an alcohol soaked cotton ball over the pencil and sharpening the tip completely. Clean brushes in antibacterial soap and rinse until they are clean. If your brushes look tangled, deformed or if they are so full of makeup you don’t have to actually add make up each time, you need to dispose of those and start fresh.

8. Examine your piles and try to gauge what size bag you will need. If you don’t have something big enough or with the necessary pockets you should start shopping. It’s always better to go with something slightly larger than something too small.

9. Go shopping at a local drug, beauty supply, department or discount store and browse for makeup bags or kits. Make sure it can hold everything you plan on putting into it including your brush bag.

10. Use the plastic storage with shelves under your sink or in the closet to store all but your daily makeup. Keep the daily kit easily accessible.

11. Organize your makeup into the appropriately sized bags or kits.

12. Store what you don’t use daily in its own bag or kit based on the categories above.

13. Put your brushes in their own bag or kit to keep them clean and protected and put this in your daily bag or kit.

14. Pat yourself on the back! Your makeup is organized and you should be on your way to a less stressful and efficient make up routine.


Buy quality products that are appropriate to your skin type (normal, oily or combination) and appropriate for your skin tone (fair, light, medium, tan, olive, dark, etc.)

Use your own criteria to separate your makeup. If you don’t have lots of extras this is a great way to narrow down what you use daily for ease of use.

Another place to buy applicator brushes is at art supply stores. Look for good quality, and appropriately sized, natural hair brushes. These will last longer and shed less. Wash any new brush before your first use and if bristles seem dry use a dab of conditioner, then wash out.

If you have a lot of new products, samples or gift with purchase items that don’t match your skin color or type you can arrange a trade with a friend or family member.

If you use a different palette every day, toss the colors in your purse before you go out.

Use smaller bags to organize your big bags. This is a great way to use the tiny bags that are often gifts at makeup counters. Use little bags to divide your eyes, lips, etc.

If you need a large space and you don’t care what your kit looks like then you could buy a working tool kit-like what your dad might have that he keeps his tools in.

With quality products, buy them from the same manufacturer – do not mix and match different brands. Skin products (cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, etc.) are formulated to work with one another. Mixing can create a chemical stew that harms the skin that you’re trying to protect.

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    I bought a makeup box last Summer. Since then, mas organized na ang mga cosmetics and makeup items ko. Plus, the compartments make it easy for me to sort the beauty products easily 🙂

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