How I Got A Head Scar

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Today is the fifth day of 20 Days Game of Makeup by Bing Castro on Facebook. This is only exclusive to those who can and will attend on her Meet and Greet on August 3, 2013. Today’s challenge is to post a story of your worst injury/accident on the Facebook page of Glory of New York Philippines. The game will end tonight at 11:59PM.
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Here is my story about my worst accident and how I got a scar on my head.

During my toddler years I always love to play with other children on the farm just in our backyard.  Many times I got wounded on my face and legs, a part and evidence that we became a child. Until one day an extraordinary accident happened.
There was a group of children playing a big, heavy and round metal, while I was playing alone on my bicycle. They played the metal like it was a flying saucer and pass to each other. Unknowingly I fall on the grass and saw my right hand with blood when I touched my head. It was the heavy metal that hit my head and I just felt that there were many children surrounding me. That moment I passed out and I didn’t know how I was brought into the hospital.
When I opened my eyes I can’t move my arms. I think I was in the emergency room. I just realized that the whole of my body was wrapped in a linen. Even there was anesthesia injected in my head I still feel the pain when the needle with the thread was being inserted little by little in my head toclose my wound.  All I can do was to cry and shout loud because of pain. I also asked helped from anyone to get me out onthat bed, but no one did it.
After my operation I still suffered from pain. I shouldn’t move to avoid putting pressure on my wound. Oh I forgot to tell how long was mystitch, if I’m not mistaken it was around 2 to 3 inches long! How was my head now? The wound turned into a scar at the left part of my head.

Still blessed and survived after all.

How about you what is your worst injury or accident?


42 thoughts on “How I Got A Head Scar

  1. Itsberyllicious says:

    oh no! that must have hurt a lot! my worst injury was probably when a cabinet glass broke and wounded by knees.. good thing I didn’t have to undergo operation but it did left a scar too 🙁

  2. Sef T. says:

    i have a lot of scars in my legs not in my head. i used to be so naughty when i was young and apparently it turned to be memorable because i have learned a lot. 🙂

  3. Filipino Bloggers WW says:

    That was a bad memories to remember. But as they said, scars are part of the childhood. I got my scar story too.

  4. a-an alfafara says:

    Scars make you a stronger person and give you a little more tolerance to endure pain. You are bigger than you’re scar so no reason to fret 🙂

  5. papaleng says:

    ugly scar yan. I have a big scar on my left legs noon all because of an ugly fight with a goon sa amin. Nadaplisan ang tummy ko, good na hindi lumabas ang bituka ko. LOL

  6. Cheryl Zamora says:

    Scars bring memories. It may be good or bad, but it always has something to remember. I also have scars in my palm and in my knees for different reasons. I got one in my palm due to childhood carelessness. LOL!

  7. Joy Felizardo says:

    Sometimes things like that happen, by accident or mishap, or allowed by God. What is so amazing is that we value the life that we have been gifted with!

  8. ana karen Banhag says:

    good thing my skin develops so fast without much scars even my chicken pox and herpes zooster optalmicus. however my cracked skin is so embarassing. as in ughhh!

  9. marrimye says:

    Good thing the metal didn’t go through and thank GOD you’re still alive. Old folks always say having this kind of freak accidents is part of growing up.

  10. Lilibeth Torres says:

    If we’ll look at the brighter side, atleast you only got a wound. No head injury whatsoever. 🙂

    My worst accident, probably, was when I *almost* drowned in the river. Haha

  11. Mae Shinigami says:

    Good thing that you survived the accident.

    The part on my eyebrow got stitched when I was 4 years old. I got it while playing in our house. I can clearly recall the stitching sensation 😛

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