September Collective Haul | Stuff N’ Shop, WalterMart and Watsons

Hola! What you will see are random stuff that I purchased last month. 
I’ve seen that this was on sale last month so I grabbed the opportunity of buying 10 pieces of Flawless Papaya Soap from Stuff N’ Shop. The original retail price of this is 25 pesos but I just bought it for 22 pesos only. P220 for 10 pieces plus P110.00 shipping fee, so all in all P330.00.
After washing my safe using this I don’t feel any hard face feeling compared to other whitening soap I used before.

– – – – – – – – – –
It was also last month that I experienced gum problems so I decided to buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste suited for my gum at WalterMart Supermarket. Using the right toothbrush and toothpaste helps me to eliminate my suffering from my inflamed gums.
Oral-B All Rounder – P142.00 for buy two get one free
Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Toothpaste – P126.25 (house use)
50 mL Colgate Anti Cavity Toothpaste – P39.00 (office use)
– – – – – – – – – –
And these are the beauty products I bought from Watsons. I’ve seen these affordable products from Ms. Say, Ms. Bing and Ms. Ana YouTube channel that’s why I was influenced by them to buy. LOL! Some of here will be used for my upcoming giveaway.
Wish Pretty Simple Face Powder – P99.00
Shawill Perfection & Natural Concealer – P125.00
Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser – P35.00
100 g Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam – P160.00
I gained a lot of breakouts because of sleepless nights on blogging and reading others’ blog. I hope Eskinol and Ponds help me to eliminate them on my pretty face. LOL! If you have other recommendations about my problem please do help me.
Cleene Cotton Balls – P19.00
Mena Facial Cream – P21.00 each (sale)
It’s SRP is P25.00 since it was on sale I bought 4 boxes *hihi*. I’m using these for my scars. Read my review here.
Finess Oil Control Sheet – P39.00
I have an oily face so this is a must for me.
Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol – P28.00
I just recently started using this for disinfecting my makeup brushes. For me to totally eliminate or decrease my pimples I think using clean brushes will help a lot.
Time check it’s already 5:00 am. I hope you enjoyed reading my collective haul for this month. Good mornight!

24 thoughts on “September Collective Haul | Stuff N’ Shop, WalterMart and Watsons

  1. ♣ lily ♣ says:

    Is Flawless effective? Haven’t tried it yet. 😉

    I also got pimples the past few weeks. What I use now is Acne Soap of Moncherry. (Not sure if it’s available nationwide though) Plus the SOS Clindamycin. I stay away from any Pond’s products because they are not suitable to my skin. 😉

  2. Shirgie Scf says:

    wow, you are using a lot of products there. I am sure you will be flawless with Flawless Papaya soap and your teeth will be strong using Colgate. I don’t know the other products you mentioned though.

  3. Garf says:

    I was very particular with my soaps before like I wouldn’t buy if they weren’t papaya. I still am until now but this time I am hooked with Olay :-).

  4. Algene says:

    I recommend that you use the Makeup Brush Cleaner by Noeh and Jani. They are a local distributor of imported products. Ang item nila is really great when it comes to cleaning brushes 🙂

  5. candyzmakeuptreasures says:

    Hi Riza! Nice products you’ve got there. The Eskinol Pimple Fighting Cleanser is my favorite in keeping my face almost pimple free (I’m on my second bottle and about to finish this week). ^_^ I love Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush especially the 360 and Optic White. I’m just not a fan of Ponds products; I had breakouts using any of their products.

  6. Yette says:

    Love your haul, sis. I don’t usually include my toiletries any more, but this one’s helpful, actually.

    I’ve been seeing that soap a lot lately & I’ve been hearing tons of stuff about that concealer. Mind doing a review? Thanks 🙂

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