Haul | My First Sammy Dress

Shopping online is one of the best choices for a busy girl like me, I don’t have to walk and walk just to look up for the right item. In just a snap you can buy an item while sitting and clicking your mouse. I tried buying online locally and for international shopping, Sammy Dress is my first one. Okay so here is my mini haul. 🙂

After a month of waiting the parcel to arrive, I was slightly shocked when I received a text message that I need to pick-up the parcel at the Postal Office. I thought it will be delivered in our house directly. Nevertheless, I was so excited when I visit the Central Postal Office and get a parcel for the first time.

So here are the two dresses that was sent to me for free. A dark khaki sweet flouncing sleeve dress with belt embellished and a deep blue dress with a waistband. That moment I saw the two dresses I quickly tried and fitted them! I feel like a princess! I love it!

That’s all for now for my first Sammy Dress haul. I will post a review with whole body shot wearing these two dresses soon!

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